Friday, June 11, 2021

June, Take Two

 I am on a short trip.  Three states today.  But I'll be back in a day or three.  So this may be the only time for the next three days I can post my Friday Fave Fives.  I apologize upfront that I may not be able to comment on other blogs for a few days.  Just going to be having too much fun.  And maybe not enough internet.

Anyway, here are some things for which I am deeply grateful and thankful.

1.  Younger grandson, Little Warrior, is obsessed with all about cars lately.  So to celebrate the end of the school year,  he  received a ticket to visit Monster Truckz.  Younger Daughter, The Professor and I went with him to see the exhibition of crazy big decked out trucks driving around a track.  (this was two weeks ago, but I decided to include it here).  AND...I am having difficulty uploading photos, so...maybe if you don't see any photos, come back later and I will have been able to upload them.

2.  One morning, The Professor needed to work on mapping the compass course for the Trail Life group's lessons, so we drove out to that same wonderful wild park where he went to work on his project.  I took a wonderful hike through the woods, veering off on new-to-me trails.  I met only two other people the whole time.

3.  One trail I followed was the Fairy Trail.  There were posters with pages from a fairy story all along the trail.  And everywhere I turned, there was a fairy house.  I plan to write a separate blog post about the Fairy Trail and show all the pictures.  The whole area was enchanting.

4.  For the first time since moving to our new state, we were able to attend a face to face small group from church (called life groups here).  Older Daughter is part of the group and it is wonderful and so encouraging to get to know people more intimately in a smaller setting.  I am so thankful for this milestone.

5.  While you are reading this, I will be hanging out with one of my best friends from college.  So. Excited.  We sang together in a trio for three years representing our little college all over CA, OR and WA.  Hopefully, there will be pictures to show in the next week.

Wednesday, June 09, 2021

June Bug Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond

Good morning!  It's Wednesday.  Wednesday Hodgepodge Day.  Click on the logo above and it will take you to the hosts' blog.

1.  Something you have seen recently that's 'cuter than a June' bug?

There is a local park that has playing fields, a lake, and miles and miles of wood trails.  One small detour you can walk is the Fairy Trail.

2.  Tell us something about where you were and what you were doing in June of 1988.  If you weren't born yet,  June of 1998.  Or if that doesn't work, June of 2008.

In June of 1988, we were living in Papua, Indonesia.  Here is a photo of our family, probably May or June.  Close enough, right? (my kids are gonna hate me for showing this picture)

And, then in June of 2008, I just had to share.  Do you know where I was?

3.  A place in your home or outdoor space where you feel 'snug as a bug in a rug'?

I love to sit in my chair in the family room.  Sitting there, I can rest my feet up on the foot rest and read and sip my coffee.  If the weather cooperates, I love sitting on my back patio watching my flowers and veggies grow.

4.  June is Nation Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Month.  Do you normally get your 4-5 servings each day?  What's a favorite summer dish you make/serve/like to be served-ha! made with one of your favorite summer fruits.  A favorite summer dish made with a favorite summer veg?  How do you feel about cooking in the summer months?

Breakfast:  three fruits.  Lunch:  five veggies.  Dinner:  green salad.  All fresh.  Every single day.  And sometimes a green smoothie with two or three veggies and three or four fruits.

I am a fan of summer fruits, especially strawberries and rhubarb baked into a crisp.

I don't really have a favorite summer veggie dish.  Maybe lasagna made from my fresh tomatoes and spinach?  I don't enjoy cooking.  I'm one of those people who eat to live, not live to eat.

5.  Do you have a summer reading list?  If so, share a title or two we can add to our own.

Unless you love gardening, you won't enjoy my summer reading list.  I may delve into reading more of my collection of Agatha Christie novels.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

This girl and her mother will be here in four days!!

Saturday, June 05, 2021

A Day Late

 I just realized.  It's Friday night!  Yikes!  I'm so late.  Willow's Week in Five Faves.  Welcome to FRIDAY FAVE FIVES with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.

1.  The above ground swimming pool is gone!  The family crew came on Memorial Day and disassembled it and hauled it away.  Now we are looking at the local 'mud wrestling' venue and dreaming how to turn it in to a patio/firepit area.

2.  We have been slowly finding furniture to finish putting our  home together.  Recliner chairs for the family room arrived this week.  And we found a futon for the upstairs room.  Yay!  It's only taken eight months.

3.   Local fresh strawberries!  Yum!  They're delicious and many of them were washed and put into the freezer for later.

4.  A younger woman who I have known (Older Daughter's friend) for several years dropped off some fresh rhubarb from her garden.  A wonderful gift!  So yummy!  So I have made a fresh strawberry rhubarb crisp.  Then the next day, I drove over to her house and picked and froze more of the rhubarb.  See the pattern?  Strawberry rhubarb pies and crisps in the fall?

5.  We met up with our coffee date friends at a new coffee shop near their new home.  After coffee and chatting, we went over to see their new home (they've been there for two weeks).  We so enjoy their company and are so happy that they have found a home and are settling in!

Bonus:  our friends needed to remove a peony bush to make way for putting in an extension on their driveway.  We dug out the bush and replanted it in our garden.  Yes, I know that peonies don't like being moved in the spring or summer.  But we will give it a try.  They are beautiful and worth the effort.  Fingers crossed that they will take root and thrive.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Summer Begins with Memorial Day Weekend

One thing I love about Fridays is the opportunity to participate in Friday Fave Fives. (follow the link!) FFF is a group of bloggers who choose five events from the past week that focus on a blessing or opportunity to experience or express gratitude.  Believe me, some weeks I need the reminder when I get to Friday.

1.  Just enough rain so I don't have to water the flowers and the gardens.  Twice this week.  And rain means a respite from the exhausting humidity.  Nope, I'm not used to that horrid humidity, yet.

2.  This girl graduated from Kindergarten this week!  Her mom sent a video of PAL leading everyone at the ceremony in reciting the pledge of allegiance.

3.  And this girl young lady is now a high schooler!

4.  An evening bike ride.  Usually, if we are going to ride our bikes, we plan ahead and do it during the day.  But one evening, when it was still light out, we just decided to hop our bikes and take a quick ride.  Spontaneous fun is sometimes the best type of fun!

5.  I'm not sure who is more excited, the students or the teachers.  Today is the last day of homeschool for New Boy.  Today is also Little Warrior's last day in elementary school.

Now it is Memorial Day Weekend, and everyone (in the US) knows what that means*.  Let the summer times begin!

*  And Yes, Memorial Day is also a sober and somber day of remembrance of all those men and women who have fought for our rights and freedoms as a country.  My father and two uncles, my father-in-law, my brother-in-law, my wonderful husband The Professor, and my son have all served in the US military.  I understand the commitment and dedication and sacrifice of all involved.  THANK YOU for helping to make my Memorial Weekend one of cheer and relaxation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Memorial Day Hodgepodge

 1.  We're approaching Memorial Day Weekend in the US of A...will you mark this in some way?  If so tell us how.  According to a list found here some things you might do in honor of Memorial Day would be-shop in a Veteran owned business, learn to play a patriotic song, watch the Memorial Day concert, take a virtual tour of the White House, write a letter to a soldier or a soldier's family, fly a flag, attend a Memorial Day parade, donate flowers for a soldier's grave, put together a care package for a soldier, and take a moment of silence at 3PM (the National Moment of Remembrance)...of the ideas mentioned are there any you will try?

The Professor is a veteran, as were both of our fathers.  And our son.  Actually, our son currently serves in the US Army Reserve as a military chaplain.  When he was stationed in Afghanistan, he procured an American flag that was flown over the base where he was stationed and brought it home to his dad.  (This is a normal thing--to obtain flags--they are flown only one day and then retired, so the flags are given/sold to soldiers.)  So, we will fly the flag on Memorial Day.

2. What's something recently that made you 'come to attention'?

I need to be attentive to watering the garden.  Things dry out very quickly.

3.  In what area of your life do you need to 'soldier on'?

I do not like humidity.  But now I live in a rather humid climate (during the summer).  I just need to 'soldier on' and deal with it.

4.  As a long weekend approaches and summer draws near, what's a favorite food from your childhood you think about adding to the menu?

Anything marionberry.  Pie, Dumplings, Crisp.  Marionberries are a type of blackberry.  My grandma made THE BEST.

5.  Your favorite patriotic movie?

Mrs. Miniver

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Have you ever said goodbye to a son or daughter (or spouse) who is on his/her way to a battleground deployment?  I have.  It hurts.  And I've watched my daughter and daughter-in-law say goodbye.  Even today, just remembering makes me emotional.  If you haven't, then you have no idea of the sacrifice of families.  

Friday, May 21, 2021

Garden, Books, Celebrations

Hello, Friday Fave Fives!  Here are five ways I have been blessed and encouraged this week.  I love writing out my fave fives because it always helps me focus on what I should be thinking of--my blessings.  THIS IS THE LINK if you want to read more faves and join in.

1.  Much progress has been made on the veggie garden. (Photos coming!)  It is a lot of work to mix and add the garden soil into the beds.  Fortunately, The Professor and I can ask New Boy to help since we can count that as 'PE'.

2.  So far, of all the starts and little plants I've stuck in the part of the beds that are plant-able, only one little tomato plant has not survived.  And all the plants I pulled from my friend's garden last month and planted here are happily thriving.

3.  Because of all the gardening, our hikes/walks have been shorter.  That's ok.  We keep finding little treasures like a shortcut through the woods to the neighborhood north of us.

4.  I have enjoyed reading new to me middle school books that New Boy is assigned.  Last week I read Under the Egg which is a story about a painting a young girl finds after her grandfather dies.  The story is linked to WWII and the Nazis' confiscation of art throughout Europe.  Besides the plot and characters, there was much to read about WWII and its effects on everyone involved in the war.  Another thing to love about homeschooling.

5.  I love those texts that say things like "L is so excited!  He won first place in the science fair at school today!"  I think the being excited part is even better than the first place part.

Bonus!  We were able to join a Life Group from church for the first time!  The groups are opening now because Covid restrictions are easing.  After living in our new state for nine months, we are able to begin making closer connections with other people.

Happy Friday, my friends!

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Hodgepodge in a Hurry

  What a day!  I wrote this post last night and then I didn't post it.

Super busy day.  Oops!

1.  Realist, idealist, optimist, pessimist...which one are you?  Elaborate.

Probably, I am a combination of realist and optimist.  I'm old.  I've seen life.  I am pretty realistic about life.  I guess not much really surprises me about people anymore.

2.  What's something currently on your wish list?

My wish list for travel?  My wish list for experience?  My wish list for stuff?  I want to travel to visit my cousin in Florida, my brother in Oregon.  Our plans to visit Alaska were shelved last year for the obvious reason.  I would like a retractable cover or gazebo for the patio.

3.  Three things on this week's shopping list?

Groceries:  kale, bananas, strawberries.

General:  prescription sunglasses, Travelon purse (to replace the ruined one), more soil for our raised garden beds.

4.  According to Trip Advisor here's a list of the top ten things to do in the US this summer-- Chicago Architecture River Cruise, Skip the Line Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Tour, New York In A Day guided sightseeing tour, Charleston's Old South Historic Horse and Carriage tour, Grand Canyon helicopter tour, Full day iconic sights of LA, Beverly Hills, Beaches and more, D.C. at Dusk guided night tour, Beneath the Streets Underground History tour (Seattle), New Orleans Swamp and Bayou Boat tour, Gangsters and Ghosts tour in more about each excursion in the link here.

Of the ten attractions listed which do you find most appealing?  Have you already experienced anything on this list?

The Seattle  Underground History tour sounds fascinating since I grew up in Portland and have heard that Portland has a similar history.  Except.  You'd have to pay me a lot of money to visit Seattle right now.  I have already experienced most everything about Los Angeles since I lived there.  We have walked all over LA and visited all the beaches (I love Dockweiler Beach in the winter!), visited the gardens, museums, and done our own tours with friends.

5.  Besides home and work, where do you spend the most time?

I probably spend the most time walking the trails and parks in the area.  I was going to say my two daughters' home, but we meet up and take walks as often as we hang out at their homes.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Too busy to think of anything!