Friday, September 24, 2021

Nothing EQUALS Gratitude

 All things being EQUAL, this has been an interesting week.  Weather changes, rain and more rain, sick grandsons (one is better, the other not yet), harvesting tomatoes [so many tomatoes].  I am thankful for all the blessings of this week, and I am sharing with you to encourage you.  For more encouragement, you can go to Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story and find other FRIDAY FAVE FIVES.

1.  It's officially fall.  We've passed the EQUINOX.  That means (maybe) that our temperatures will moderate.   The fave of this?  Our weather this week has been cool and rainy already.

2.  I make a point of reading books about the Holocaust (like the book I recommended two weeks ago).  I wouldn't say I enjoy reading them, but I think it is important to keep these stories in people's minds and hearts.  This week I read Jack and Rochelle, an autobiographical memoir of two young Jewish people who survived and fought in a partisan group in Eastern Poland during World War II.  I highly recommend reading it!

3.  A drive around Amish Country.  This was our first trip to visit Amish Country which is about an hour away from where we live.  Besides the obvious horses and black buggies, we simply enjoyed driving through the rural areas of our state.  Stopping at one of the shops, we chose a few items to try.

4.  On Saturday, we joined Younger Daughter and her doggie Shep (he's a Bernese Mountain Dog) for a 'walk in the woods'.  Most of the time we were on a paved path, but we did take a turn onto a path that was quite overgrown.  We love those spontaneous detours.  And we love our hikes.  And Shep loves his Bapa.  I am so thankful for beautiful places to walk in nature, for living near my girls, for the health to be able to do so much outdoors.

5.  The trees are just beginning to lose their leaves; some are starting to change colors.  We have enjoyed our summer walks, but autumn walks are the BEST.  Stepping on all the crunchy leaves.  There is no EQUAL!

And bonus!  Barns!

Enjoy this first week of fall as we enjoy the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Mid September Blessings

 Good Morning!  It is a lovely mid September morning here at Willow's Cottage.  I am sitting on my back patio enjoying a cuppa Joe and watching my hibiscus bush wave in the soft breeze.  This is the right time to ponder what blessings have come my way this week.  I do this every Friday and join several other lovely people in focusing on FRIDAY FAVE FIVES.

1.  A good laugh.  The New Boy (for those who don't know, that's older grandson) showed me something funny this week.  Go to google and type in askew (or click on the word).  Look carefully at the answer.  Trust me.  You'll laugh.  Then do the same with anagram.  Someone has been bored at work.

2.  A mother-daughter day with Younger Daughter.  We didn't do much of what we had planned because her lupus had flared.  But we did drop off Little Warrior (younger grandson) at Trail Life campout with The Professor, New Boy and New Boy's mom (they had a great weekend!).  We took a short hike in the woods, then we drove home along some beautiful country roads and filled our minds and hearts with all the peaceful scenery.

And of course I had to take at least one photo of a barn!

3.  On the way, we stopped at a yard sale.  Score!  She found a great deal on a recumbent exercise bike and an antique sled decorated for Christmas, and I snagged a well preserved 1940s style side table which will blend in well with my mid-century modern furniture.  And the man who was selling them was a delightful older gentleman so the visit was pleasant as well.

4.  Last week I met two of the neighbors who live across the street.  One evening this week, I was walking alone because The Professor had a meeting to attend, and they were sitting together on a front patio.  They invited me to join them and I enjoyed getting to know them more.

5.  I've started another sock yarn afghan.  Knitting is my calming activity.  I chose these colors from my stash because, well, I love turquoise! And it will be warm and snuggly this winter.

Friday, September 10, 2021

September Week Two

Friday night already!  Again, I am a bit late with posting my Friday Fave Fives.  But that doesn't mean I am not thankful and blessed!  Just busy.  Here is Willow's Week in Five things that blessed me this week.

1.  A book that reaches deep.  For Such a Time by Kate Breslin.  Even though this story of a Czech transit camp during WWII is heart wrenching at times, it is so well written.  I love a good story.

2.  The Professor finally bought his birthday present--a bbq!  AND it was on sale, had a second discount, and included The Professor's military discount.  So, he really scored on it!  Now, to get it up and running.

3.  Time in the garden.  The weather has been cooler which means I can be in my happy place.  Am I the only person on the planet who doesn't mind weeding?

4.   The Professor knows I don't do well with dentists.  After my dentist fixed a tiny cavity in one of my teeth this week, my sweet husband made me relax the rest of the day.  I truly appreciate his care and concern for me.

5.  Labor Day was lovely.   We ended the holiday with family dinner in the back yard and a fire in the fire pit where we roasted marshmallows.  Yum!

Bonus.   More tomato sauce.  Two more batches are in the freezer-- one for Younger Daughter from her tomatoes and one for us.

Friday, September 03, 2021

September means...

 Oh wow, it's September.  With all the heartache and unrest of this summer, I do welcome September.  Am I the only person who thinks that September is the real New Year?  Must be all the years of attending school and teaching.

As we head in to the fall season, I have so many things to be thankful for this week.  Here are my Friday Fave Fives which I am sharing to remind myself and to encourage others. (follow the link to join in)

1.  September means a break in the hot and humid weather (at least temporarily).  I truly appreciate the cooler temperatures we have experienced the past several days.

2.  I am reading through the Bible in one year, using a study guide that accompanies a chronological Bible.  This week, even though I am reading what some people might term as OT boring, I have been blessed and challenged to pray those Scriptures.

3.  I finished a knitting project!  I made this vest from yarn in my stash.  I love the colors!  And because the weather has moderated, I've already worn it twice!

4.  I love receiving photos of PAL!  She is on a road trip and her parents are sending us pictures. new computer is not cooperating to download those pictures...  I will post them if and when they do download.

5.  We haven't been out hiking this week although we have gotten in several neighborhood walk.  We live close enough to the local grocery store (almost a mile) that one evening we decided to walk over and grab a few items we needed.  Win-win.  Grocery shop and walk.