Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Skipping School

I left school at 12:30 and came home because I just feel tired. I was supposed to stay for the teacher meeting but Classie the kindergarten teacher said she'd fill me in tomorrow on what I might miss. SO. I am checking email, making a pot of Earl Grey tea, putting my feet up and reading a book. After that I will do my 20 minutes on the eliptical machine and go get the car washed, buy groceries and meet up with Debbie.

I found out from my dr yesterday that, in spite of my efforts in regulating my diet and taking medication, my cholesterol is 240 and my triglycerides are at 367. This is not good. I don't know why. Since Debbie is a nurse, she is going to try to explain the medical side of what triglycerides are. I looked on the internet and came away more confused because every website recommended something different.

Other than that, life is ok. The sun is shining, shining and that makes me happy.

Friday, January 27, 2006

links and Lopez

I see that the sunsetbreeze link fixed itself. I have no idea how or why. Good.

Steve Lopez is a column writer for the LA Times. He often has to-the-point columns such as the one about Tookie Williams that I recently quoted and the five columns about Skid Row. Today's is no exception. He writes about Watts--the Catholic all boys high school,Verbum Dei, on Central Avenue. The column made me want to cry for Watts Christian School. We could be there helping.

Friday Morning Coffee is GOOD

I really don't have a lot to say this morning. But I'm thrilled that people are reading my blog and commenting.

I had coffee with Debbie Haney this morning at our own little local *buck's and we talked about 1) our sadness for the Iraqi people who just want to live--Jer. 29.11 comes to my mind; 2) an amazing website www.sunsetbreezehouse.com which has THE HOUSE I WANT TO BUILD!; 3) Oxford, where Debbie will again be spending three weeks this summer as a helper at The Kilns ; 4) the raglan sweater I'm knitting based on an AF sweater of Mia's that has a front pocket and hood. Debbie is not a knitter but acts interested in my knitting projects as a loyal friend.

I am sorry that I don't remember how to fix the above website to have a link, but if you want to see it bad enough you can just copy and paste!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

lost whale

I'm sorry to say that the whale that wandered up the Thames River did not survive. The experts are examining it to see why it 1) got into the Thames and 2) died. I hope the British have better sense than Oregonians and don't try to get rid of the carcass by blowing it up with dynamite. True story.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Happy Birth Day!

I am a great aunt as of 4:20 this morning.

LilliAnne Joy Randall
is being adopted by Matt and Laura Jane (my niece). She weighed 6lb 10oz and is 20inches long. (Why do people say babies are long instead of tall?? They're not sticks.)

Wish I'd Been There...

What an amazing sight!


Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy Birthday to Jeff

Today is my wonderful son in law's birthday. I hope you have a great day, Jeff!