Friday, August 27, 2021


It has been silent here at Willow's Cottage for the past two weeks.  I had planned a few blog posts, but that didn't happen.  Why not?  Because my computer died.  It was not completely unexpected, so I did have plans in place to deal with data transfers.  Or rather, to be honest, The Professor did.

But I'm back now.  With a new laptop!

My first post on my new device is, appropriately, a Friday Fave Fives. Y'all know what FFF is.  Every Friday I write down five things that blessed me during that past week.  Susanne at Living To Tell The Story hosts this every week and if I am correct, this is the 377th edition!  (follow the link to join in)

1.  I am THN AKFUL for a new computer.  I have been without a laptop for about two weeks.  Although I tried to access and write a blog post via my phone, I couldn't do it.  So I am very happy to be back 'online'.

2.  Who do I have to thank for all of this?  Obviously, The Professor.  I am THANKFUL that he researched laptops and had a plan in place to purchase identical ones for each of us since we knew mine in particular was gasping its last breaths.  I'm thankful he isn't simply tech savvy, but he is a prof emeritus in computer science and can use his knowledgeable and magic fingers to do anything on such a device, including getting all my files onto a back up hard drive before my computer completely died.

3.  I'm THANKFUL I have a phone that allowed me to at least check my emails and communicate that way.

4.  OK.  Enough about computers and other electronics.  I am THANKFUL for an easy transition for grandchildren going back to school.  Two of them are transitioning to new schools--into high school and into middle school.  And two are continuing to homeschool.  Yes, New Boy is here daily with us as we are his teachers.

5.  I am THANKFUL for the abundant harvest of veggies (mostly tomatoes) from my first garden in my new home.  We've been eating lots of lettuce, kale and snap peas, too.  Also, I am picking herbs daily, mostly for drying.  I'm going to have some yummy mint teas to enjoy this winter.  I love that I can just open the back door and walk out to the back and have all those fresh foods at my fingertips.

Hopefully, I will have photos back up and posting within a few days.  In the meantime, let's focus on all the things that make us THANKFUL.

Friday, August 13, 2021

Mid August Heat and Humidity Faves

 Hello from Hot and Humid Ohio!  As I understand it, most of North America is experiencing this same weather, or worse.  Stay hydrated!  And those who are in southern climes, enjoy your winter weather.  And you may have noticed that I was able to change my header photo.  So.Much.Better.

I thought that this week would be quieter.  Nope.  The activities just kept piling up.  The posts I had planned to write didn't happen and here it is Friday already.  Friday Fave Fives (follow the link).  Here is Willow's Week.

1.  I love it when I finish some knitting.  This week I finally sewed the buttons on these two baby cardigans.  Done and Done!  Now I can move on to my next project without feeling that guilty tug to finish these first.

And a little hair band.

2.  Summertime also means Shakespeare (and other plays) in the Park.  This is a big city thing that we have been doing for years whenever we came to visit.  Now it is part of our summer plans to drive in and watch as many as we can.  This past Friday night, it was Euripides.  The Professor and all the children have acted in many plays (not me!) so they really enjoy this.  And the extra fun part for The Prof is watching the lighting.

3.  The New Boy and The Professor were at a local park for their Trail Life activity one evening, So Older Daughter and I took a walk along the river while they were in their meeting.  I love my walks even if they are just in town.

4.  The dentist.  Why oh why would this be a fave?  The fave part is that the dentist listens to me and understands my issues with deadening the pain (lots of meds don't work on me).  My visit was pain free.  Now THAT'S the fave.

5.  All the thunderstorms and rainstorms are keeping me inside.  That means (if I'm motivated) that I am able to get little projects done around the house.  I love thunderstorms anyway, so it is fun to watch the lightning as I read or work. 

And as a bonus,  just some green forest beauty.

Friday, August 06, 2021

Hello, August!

 Good Morning, friends!  It's August!  How does that happen so fast?  Wasn't it June just last week?

Here it is Friday already.  Here is Willow's Week for Friday Fave Fives.  As always, I am thankful for so much in my life.

1.  Two birthdays this week.  Younger Daughter's birthday was Saturday.  She wanted to celebrate by visiting a new to her local coffee shop and then taking a walk on the nearby lake.  (She has been dog sitting for the neighbors, so we had FOUR doggies to walk!).  Then Older Son, Chaplain Dan, had his birthday this week.  Although we couldn't be with him, we had a great phone conversation. And we had seen him two weeks ago.

2.  This has been a productive week.  I had gotten out of the habit of making a 'to do list', and it was evident by how little I was doing.  So I am back to using my 3x5" cards for making my daily list.  A few years ago, my friend showed me her method.  It really works well for me.  It was obvious this week.

3.  Bike ride.  We did six and a third miles one morning before it got too hot.  The Professor really loves riding his bike and I enjoy it too.

4.  Progress on finishing the pergola on our back patio.  Assembling and putting it up and adjusting its position takes more than two people.  Fortunately, we have strong daughters and grandchildren.  They joined us one evening and we are now working on the last step--drilling holes in cement to anchor the poles (The Professor may be having way too much fun with his new drill).

5.  How does one get helpers?  Feed them!  To gather our workers, we used the 'we buy, you work' method.  The overwhelmingly popular choice this week was Panda Express.  It's a win-win-win for me as I don't have to cook, I get yummy Chinese food, and we get (mostly)willing workers.  And of course the underlying feeling of thankfulness is always present when I realize that I am a phone call away from half my children and three-quarters of my grandchildren. 

What are you noticing in your life, events that push your attitude to thankfulness?