Sunday, March 31, 2024

Resurrection Sunday

 All around the world, in every time zone

and every latitude,

people are observing Easter Sunday, a day of remembrance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion on Good Friday.

He is risen!

Friday, March 29, 2024

Good Friday, the Best Friday

 Today is Good Friday, possibly the most significant holy day in the Christian Church when we remember Jesus's crucifixion on a cross in Jerusalem.  What an appropriate day to write my Friday Fave Fives and recall the blessings of this past week. (The link takes you to Susanne's blog where you can read more or join in.)

1.  Celebrating Passion Week and Maundy Thursday.  Last night, we attended the Maundy Thursday service.  It was wonderful and reverant and sobering and thoughtful.  We sang, heard Scriptures read, took communion, and quietly walked out of the service.

2.  Good Friday.  My friend wrote this poem and gave me permission to share it here.


No ground to stand on                                                    

Except that at the foot                                                    

Of the cross.                                                    


No deeds to lean on                                                     

Except that which was done                                                     

   At the cross.                                                    


No light dispelling darkness                                                    

Except the light that shone                                                    

Through the cross.                                                    


No life to live                                                    

Except the life won                                                    

By the cross.                                                    

                                                                            copyright Darlene Estlow 2023

3.  We are recovering from our road trip to Outer Banks.  On the way home, we visited some interesting places.  A local arboretum...

Eleanor loves roses (even if she can't eat them).

4.  Then we drove the Blue Ridge Parkway from Fancy Gap to Roanoke.  What a beautiful drive!

Photos cannot do justice to the views.  Overlook facing east.

Well preserved mill

5.  When we arrived home, there was lots of mail.  But the best was a package from PAL and her mom and dad (and aunt).  Oh my!  All my favorite things!  A book!  Gift card!  Empty notebooks!  And the absolute best?  A card from PAL.  On the outside, it said, "Grandma, You're pretty cool, and I'm pretty cool...  On the inside:  "So how do you explain that weird generation in the middle?  Happy Birthday to my awesome GRANDMA!"  The Professor and I giggled and giggled over this brilliant card.

That wraps up the Best Friday.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend and take time to contemplate the true meaning of Easter.

Thursday, March 21, 2024


 Happy Spring!  We took a spring break trip this week.  Our friends T and S mentioned that they were planning a trip to the Outer Banks in North Carolina and asked if we wanted to join them.  It took about 3 seconds for us to yell, "Yes!"  And since it is now Friday, I decided to share our Five Faves from our trip to the beach.  What is Friday Fave Fives?  It's a way for people to contemplate about their blessings and share five of them each Friday with Susanne as our host.  Follow that link above to join in.

1.  I do need to preface our trip faves with one other blessing.  Sunday was my birthday.  So many people from all over the world sent messages, emails, cards, texts, facebook posts to wish me a Happy Birthday!  I was thrilled and overwhelmed with all the love from so many people.  In person, we attended church and then enjoyed a Chinese dinner at a local restaurant with family.  All my children and grandchildren and my brother either wished me Happy Birthday in person or called me to talk with me.

2.  OK, on to our beach trip.  On our way to Outer Banks, we caravanned with T and S.  In spite of some unexpected snafus like missing turns and exits or following the wrong car (that was hilarious), we managed to arrive safely.  Did you know that OBX is the abbreviation all the locals use for Outer Banks?

3.  We found wonderful coffee shops and restaurants.  Oh my.  The food was so yummy!

Eleanor especially LOVED Front Porch Cafe in Nags Head (and Roanoke Island)!

4.  All of us are beach bums.  We love the beach.  So, walks on the beach were the best part of the trip.

5.  We enjoyed some sightseeing adventures.  Ft. Raleigh (where it's all about the lost colony on Roanoke Island).  Cape Hatteras lighthouse and Bodie Lighthouse.  The Wright Brothers Memorial at Kitty Hawk, where Orville and Wilbur Wright flew the first airplane and changed the world.

Bodie Lighthouse

Cape Hatteras lighthouse (undergoing some renovations)

Eleanor Elizabeth loves flying in airplanes, so she especially enjoyed the Wright Memorial at Kitty Hawk.

An amazing life size replica of the 'first flight'.

I am so thankful for a wonderful spring break trip!

Friday, March 15, 2024

Mid March Faves

Beware the Ides of March!  I love March 14th, 15th, and 17th.  Pi Day, Ides of March, St. Patrick's Day which is also my birthday.  I also love every Friday because that is the day I choose five things from my week to be thankful for and write about them here on the blog.  As usual, you can follow THIS LINK to Susanne's blog and join in.

1.  I am thankful that the young woman who cleans my floors and bathrooms monthly does such a good job.  I truly appreciate her dedication to making my home extra clean.

2.  We had a great hike on Tuesday evening with all the Trail Life boys.  Both grandsons are part of our local Trail Life troop.  The Professor is one of the leaders.  So I get to sneak in and go on the hikes, too.  Two miles plus in the woods (and mud) on a trail I had never hiked before.

It is hard to tell from the photo, but, we were hiking on the high cliff side of the river; I took these photos from the top looking down on the river.  This area is called Black Hand Gorge.  We have walked on the paved paths on the other side of the river many times.

3.  I love finding great deals at resale shops.  Goodwill had a beautiful green merino wool sweater from J. Jill for less than ten dollars.  In my size.  Yes, I bought it.  Then on Thursday, my friend and I popped in to a cute little resale shop and I found a fair isle wool jacket for ten dollars!  Yep, I bought it, too.

4.  Younger daughter treated me to a pedicure earlier this afternoon for my birthday.  Guess what color I chose.

5.  All the yellow flowers are in bloom!  I love this time of year because I love forsythia and daffodils.  These flowers, all from my garden, bring me so much joy.

Bonus:  you may have heard on the news about the tornados in Indiana and Ohio.  We were under tornado warnings for about 1 1/2 to 2 hours last night.  Thankfully, we are safe and so is all our family.  Please pray for the people who lost family members and those who lived in homes which were struck and demolished.

Bonus2:  more daffodils, from places in England where we traveled in March and April 2019 (prime daffodil time)

Tis true.  Daffodils are my favorite flower.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

In the Mood

 For Old (and New) Barns.

Red Barns

Grey Barns

And sometimes your barn can earn you extra cash as a billboard.