Friday, August 25, 2023

Enough-- Fave Fives

 I feel like I should just post something for Friday Fave Fives (the link takes you to Susanne's blog where you can add your own FFF) that states, "See last week. Repeat."  Almost.  But there is always something that I can choose to what I am thankful for.  Food.  Water.  Safe shelter.  What I have is Enough.

1 and 2.  Rainstorms.  One of them included lots of lightning and thunder.  In fact, one lightning bolt must have landed within 200 feet of our house because the light, noise and shaking of our house were nearly simultaneous.  I am thankful for all the rain to water our land and I am thankful that as far as we can tell, there was no damage from the lightning strike.

3.  Other days have been very very humid which make me thankful for air conditioning.

4.  The Professor and I took a three and a half mile walk on Monday evening.  My physical therapist has challenged me to take more lengthy walks and hikes to improve my strength in the ankle I broke in March.  Then on Tuesday night, the Trail Life troop did a walk in the same area and Younger Daughter and I tailed along and did more than two miles.  I am thankful I am regaining strength and mobility in that ankle (and that I have walking/hiking buddies).

5.  My garden is producing tomatoes and more tomatoes.  Just this week, I have made two large pans of roasted cherry tomatoes.  I put them in the freezer and use them on pasta all winter long.  What a yummy way to taste summer in the winter.

Yes, contentment is choosing to say, I have enough.

Friday, August 18, 2023

Mid August Faves

 August in the northern hemisphere is hot.  One way to describe it is Dog Days of Summer.  By now we are all ready for fall.  That includes me.  I'm tired of hot days.  Are you?

But even so, I need to focus on the good stuff.  Here are Friday Fave Fives, my way of looking back and around me and reminding myself the week is full of blessings. (The link takes you to Susanne's blog so you can read more of our good stuff.)

1.  Friday night we took Younger Daughter and the grandkids to the county fair.  We chose Friday night because it was Rough Trucks.  Flips, turns, mud, big old trucks and cars.  The Professor and I enjoyed talking with some of the people in a couple of booths.

2.  One booth in particular was focused on gardening.  We discovered that our county has a Pollinator Pathway group.  We have been working all summer on changing much of our back garden into a pollinator garden.  And we didn't even know about this group!  Excited we are!  And then I found out that a good friend of mine is part of it!

My Pollinator Garden

3.  I have been working through more of my to-do list.  One chore is doing the mending.  I worked a bit last week and did some more this week.  See this adorable puppy?  No, he's not real.  He's a stuffie who was attacked by a real puppy.  But I was able to sew him back together, and he looks almost new again.

4.  I made a batch of pickles!  My first time ever.

5.  Knitting continues.  I am working on another afghan.  Yeah, I love to knit, and afghans use up quite a bit of my yarn stash.  That's a win-win.

Bonus:  we had two lovely rain storms this week.  I didn't have to water the garden!

These faves may not be exciting, but they reflect the blessings in my life.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Best Five Faves of This Week

 It never slows down.  Life just keeps barreling along.  When I feel overwhelmed by all that is happening, I stop, take a breath and focus on what is most important.  And remember to be grateful for all the blessings.  Like food, water, shelter, clothes.  What else?  Here is a list of five things from this week (the link will take you to Susanne's blog where you can join a bunch of us listing our Friday Fave Fives).

1.  I am thankful for an excellent dentist and dental care, generally.  My dad told us, "Take care of your teeth and your feet."

2.  I am thankful that several items on our to do list were marked off.  The Professor fixed the tires on our bikes (and we took a short test ride).  He installed the new bike rack to make sure it fit on the new car.  While those items were out of the garage, I took advantage of the time and reorganized some areas to make more room.  We took several items to electronics recycle and lots of old tools to St. Vincent de Paul.  The garage is so much cleaner and tidier.

3.  While I was at St. Vincent de Paul, I received a five dollar credit, so I popped in to peruse the women's tops.  I found a cute pink cotton blouse for $1.99.  Sold!

4.  We had a fun evening with our three teenage grandkids.  They chose Panda Express take away.  Then there was a discussion on what movie to watch.  Star Wars, The Phantom Menace won.  The rule was no electronics, just conversation.  I think a good time was had by all.

5.  Our Chinese fortune cookie fortunes were fun.  Mine read, "You will take an inspirational journey to a faraway place."  The Professor's was, "Adventure awaits you."  We stared at each other.  What trip shall we plan?  The grands had 'grand' ideas:  California.  Papua.  We thought, "Alaska?  Hawaii? Scotland?  Cornwall?"  Who knows?

As you can see, my gratitude has been focused on 'home' this week.  Small blessings.  It was the best.

Just a bit of eye candy to enjoy.  

Hadrian's Wall

Hexham Abbey, Northumberland

Friday, August 04, 2023

First Friday Fave Fives of August

 Friday again already?  That's what happens when it's summer and the days are filled with gardens and birthdays and warm evenings.  Friday creeps up on you and then you remember---it's Friday Fave Fives!  So much to be thankful for!  The link will take you to Susanne's blog where you can join us in sharing all the blessings of this first week of August.

1.  For our family, summer is filled with birthdays.  This past week we celebrated Older Son and Younger Daughter, the two bookends, eleven years apart.  Happy Birthdays!!

Chaplain Dan

2.  I finished my granddaughter's new afghan.  The one I knitted for her ten or eleven years ago when she first joined our family met a sad end when a dog got ahold of it.  Maybe some day I will try to mend it, but in the mean time, she has this new blankie for cuddling.

Does it fit?  Is it soft and comfy?

3.  Athena, our new Berner grandpuppy, had her first vet visit this week.  I got to go along.  She did great.  After both dogs had their shots, we rewarded them with 'pup cups'.

Yes, she thinks she's my lap dog.

4.  Work is progressing in our back garden.  Tall Boy has been mowing the lawn, but he is also helping with other chores.  This week The Professor and he moved the bird bath to its more permanent spot.  There is an issue with the top and stand not fitting well, but they assembled it anyway so the birds can have their water.

5.  Our butterfly and bee garden seems to be attracting the birds, bees and butterflies.  We found this beauty resting near our patio (maybe drying his wings after 'hatching'?)  I am so thankful for the amazing natural creation around us.

Bonus:  we got in a walk one evening when it was cool enough to take Sawyer and stay under the trees on the path.  We found another heart leaf.

This tangle of branches enchanted me.
Do you see the P?
I had to grab a photo since our last name begins with P!