Thursday, October 25, 2012

To The Rescue

My week did not exactly go as I had planned.  It's not that my plans were all that exciting--Sunday afternoon hanging out with The Professor and then attending a Bible Study/fellowship with our good neighbors and other friends, Monday and Tuesday correcting papers and puttering around the house doing housework.  Just the usual quiet week.  Then there was The Phone Call.

1.  I can't imagine that there are even a few mothers (or even one) who would or could ignore a plea like, "Mom?  Can you come?  I need you."  Of course I jumped in my car and drove to San Diego because someone had fallen and broken her arm.  Mommies of pre-schoolers can't change diapers and shouldn't drive cars.  I spent Monday and Tuesday acting as a nanny and chauffeur.

2.  My drive south was easy and the scenery was as usual breathtakingly beautiful.  All.  Those.  Coastal.  Views.

3.  We managed to duck in to our favorite San Diego breakfast cafe (breakfast for lunch) between doctor appointments.  I love Mission Soma.

4.  There is a new little girl living in the home of friends in San Diego, waiting for the time when that family will become her forever family.  I got to play grandma, holding her and feeding her.  It was a precious time.

5.  Tuesday evening found me fighting my way through Southern California traffic to return home and teaching duties on Wednesday and Thursday.  Miraculously, I made it home in less than four hours, a record.

I'm returning to San Diego for another four days.  This time I'm not driving.  I'm taking the train.  Less stress.  More time to relax and do things like, you know, knit and read.  If I don't have an opportunity to respond to everyone who links to Friday Fave Fives, I apologize.  Always, I do try, but this weekend I may be a bit busy being the Mama to the Rescue.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Catching My Attention

This has been a quiet week.  I like quiet weeks.  During quiet weeks, life slows enough that small and amusing things can catch my attention.

1. Although our time was limited, The Professor and I spent a pleasant half hour walking through the California natives garden and oak tree woodland at Descanso Gardens in LaCanada-Flintridge.  You can scroll down or click on this link to see photos of those magnificent oak trees.

2.  Descending the hill toward the exit, we noticed an unusual sight in the tall trees.  Do you see it?

A closer view...

A fearless tree trimmer

3.  One morning I heard the distinct calling of quail.  Regularly, coveys of quail trail through our garden hunting and pecking for seeds.  This covey was congregated in our driveway.  As I maneuvered quietly out the door to catch a photo of them, of course I spooked them, and they scattered.  Quail amuse me.

4.  The week wouldn't be complete for me unless I had knitted something.  This week, I made more hats. 

5.  Outside the building where I teach three classes on Thursdays, there is a butterfly garden.  Between classes, I walked outside and found several children clustered around one of the beds.  They had discovered dozens of caterpillars chewing and chomping on the plants provided for their enjoyment.  Next week, we can expect to see many chrysalises (chrysali?) dangling from the stems of the bushes and then the week after, there will be butterflies! 

Just five faves from my quiet week that make me happy.

Has any little thing caught your attention and made you smile?

Monday, October 15, 2012

A Short Stroll

We had only a half hour to spare.  Descanso Gardens called to us and we answered.
I love strolling through the majestic California Live Oaks grove. 

Wooden Architecture

Rewood tree bark and needles remind us of our childhoods.

Near the exit, the heart-shaped autumn leaf thanked us for stopping by.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back in October

I have certainly missed being a part of Friday Fave Fives for the past month.  Each Thursday evening, I would tell myself, "Get on the computer and just write!" But obviously, that didn't happen.  However, I'm back now! What have I been thankful for this week?

1. Opportunities to encourage students who have been struggling with their writing skills.  When I see their eyes light up, when they laugh instead of scowl about an assignment, it makes the planning and teaching worthwhile.  Even more than worthwhile, it makes me excited to continue teaching.

2. Emails, phone calls and conversations with special people who remind me they are praying for me.

3.  I had a great time on Saturday and Sunday joining other spinning and weaving guild members at Reyes Adobe Days in Agoura Hills (just on the northwest edge of Los Angeles County).  I spent two days spinning and explaining the process of taking animal fiber (this time it was alpaca) and turning it in to yarn.  An added bonus was seeing a former student who was working at the 'grinding corn and making tortillas' booth.

4.  The Professor and I make a great team during the week.  In the mornings he pulls me out of bed wakes me up, hands me a cup of coffee and makes sure I have my car keys.  In the evenings, I have dinner ready when he arrives home and then he even helps make a salad.  He's working extra hours in the performing arts dept at the university, attending rehearsals and planning the lighting for the fall production.  That makes for late nights, but we always manage to sit for a bit and relax.  It takes a great team to work and play together.

5.  Lovely Southern California October beach.  I needed to feel the sand in my shoes, the sea breeze in my hair, the spray on my face so I drove down to Ventura's Marina Park to eat my lunch between class and tutoring.  It lifts my spirits.

What one thing stands out to you this week?

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

September Knitting Fun

I did knit a lot in September while I wasn't writing on my blog.  Twenty-four hats.

Oh, it was fun. I just cast on 72, 80, or 88 stitches and commenced working round after round after round.  Then eventually I would decrease for the crown and presto! Another hat.
The reasons for my knitting all these hats are three-fold.  I am on a mission to use up my yarn stash.  I sell my knitted items and donate the proceeds to THIS organization.  And in early December, any unsold hats I send to a group in a cold climate to give as Christmas gifts to kids who need warm hats.  It's a win-win-win situation.

Another benefit of all this, it's just fun.  Normally, my favorite color is not orange, but I really like these.  Oh yeah, aren't they fun?

Monday, October 01, 2012

Carmageddon II

Carmageddon I wasn't much.  Neither was Carmageddon II which occurred this weekend.  We slipped into Los Angeles on Friday before the main transportation artery on the western side of Los Angeles was closed and mostly stayed away from the freeways on Saturday and Sunday.  By the time we were back on the road this morning heading north, the 405 Freeway was open again.  Everything was back to normal in the Sepulveda Pass.

You're welcome.