Thursday, February 25, 2010

Grateful for Fave Five

I enjoy participating in Susanne's Friday Fave Five each week. It's a great way to focus on positive events in my everyday life and to remind myself to search for blessings to be thankful for. Thanks, Susanne, for hosting Friday Fave Five! If you want to see what FFF is all about or participate too, you can click HERE.

1. I'm thankful for the opportunity I have to create beautiful fiber objects. No week at Willow's Cottage would be complete without some fiber in some form being knitted, spun or felted. I spun this silk and merino blend fiber while I watched the first part of the Olympics. I raced to finish the first skein before we packed the car and drove to San Diego for the weekend because I intended to give it to my daughter in law for her birthday. The brown and gold hand dyed fiber was a beautiful gift for my precious daughter in law!

2. I'm thankful for time spent with my family! Because the main purpose of our trip was to participate in the birthday celebration for The Princess, we headed to Hodad's in Ocean Beach on Saturday at noon. The Birthday Girl chose this iconic hamburger joint because, honestly, this place has the World's. Best. Onion. Rings. And. Chocolate. Milkshakes. When we arrived, we took our places in line and waited until there was room for our 'party of six' to sit at one of the picnic style tables.

Hodad's is world famous for its beach shack decor as well as its burgers, fries, shakes, and onion rings. The walls are almost completely covered with license plates from all over the US, Canada, and the rest of the world. Surfboards hang on every wall.

This fascinating bike is made from all kinds of beach debris. I wonder if anyone has actually ever ridden it.

3. I'm thankful for good friends! This week has been filled up with 'last times' for Ellen and me. We took our last walk in my neighborhood. We enjoyed our last cup of tea together at All Things Tea. This is how I'll always remember Ellen--with camera in hand! Today we'll have our last lunch, and then tomorrow she and her husband will be heading north to Washington. Ellen and I met through our blogs, discovered that we lived in the same town and that we both loved to walk. We've been photographing, blogging and walking buddies for two years. I'll miss her joyful spirit and sense of humor. Fortunately, we'll still have our blogs, phones and facebook for keeping in touch.
4. Gentle rain is a blessing we have enjoyed this week. Usually our rain in Southern California drops in torrents, roaring in from the coast with strong winds. Yesterday's rainstorm was more of a Pacific Northwest drizzle, a sweet goodbye gift for Ellen.
5. Lastly, I love Skype! What could be more precious than seeing My New Boy blow kisses to his Mema in real time through the computer screen?
What were your favorite little blessings this week?

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Right on Time

My Lenten Rose is blooming!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fave Five

I'm late to the party for FFF today! That's because I am in San Diego with my kids!

1. So, my first fave is obviously--being with my sons and daughters for the weekend!

2. A walk with Ellen. These walks are precious times because when Ellen moves, they will end.

3. Earl Grey tea with Ellen (yes, it's a theme) at our favorite tea shop All Things Tea.

4. The Professor bought me a latte at The Panini Place after we shopped for our fruits and vegetables at the Farmers Market.

5. Coffeetime on Sunday morning with the Blueberry Lady and her husband.

6. A bonus fave: the weather was warm last weekend, so while the Professor trimmed the plum tree, I weeded and tidied the area where the nine camellia bushes in my garden grow.

And now we're off on a walk, making more FFF memories! Join us at Susanne's blog!

Monday, February 15, 2010


On Valentine's Day

Camellias are blossoming on every bush.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Best Laid Plans

Favorite moments of this past week were scattered around unexpected changes in our plans. Airport delays. Snow storms. Cancelled flights.

Although our flights on Friday were late and connections were missed, we made it to our destination in time to participate in the rehearsal dinner and the wedding on Saturday morning.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Others were not so fortunate in their travels. The New Boy and his entourage were snowed in.

Once we were assured that the roads were clear and there was a window of time between storms, we decided it was worth the drive through the frozen landscape to be able to celebrate the other weekend event.

Happy Birthday to Our New Boy, who isn't really so new anymore since he is now Two!

Shoveling snow, The Professor and his brother enjoyed 'quality time'.

In spite of the snow storms and cold (for us) temperatures, we warmed our hearts with renewed friendships and lively conversations that included comments like, "Was it really that long ago?" and "So what are your kids doing now?" and "Let's keep in touch!"
A wonderful time was had by all, even though, as Robert Burns pointed out,
The best laid plans of mice and men
'gang aft agley.'

And the most important words were spoken.
"I do!"
What small, large, or unexpected moments did you find in your week to celebrate? Susanne at Living To Tell The Story hosts Friday Fave Five so we can share those moments with each other!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy February Fave Five

As you are reading this FFF, I will be inside an airplane flying very high in the blue sky many thousands of feet above the earth.

1. A wedding was announced! We booked reservations! We're going! That's why I won't be online commenting much this weekend.

2. We will be spending lots of quality time with extended family!

3. There will be hours of enforced inactivity sitting buckled up. I packed yarn. Lots of yarn. And books.

4. Last weekend, The Professor and I drove to LA and after attending a dedication ceremony for a teen center and hanging out with lots of old friends, we had dinner with other friends. Reconnecting and catching up with special people was great. I took a few photos but blogger is not allowing me to post them.

5. Because I do not normally enjoy shopping, I was pleased to find just the right tops to warm up my wardrobe for our trip to Northern latitudes.

Thank you, Susanne, for faithfully hosting Friday Fave Five!

What events, large or small, contributed to make your week happy or productive? You can share by clicking HERE and signing up with Mr. Linky on Susanne's blog.