Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Today is Resurrection Sunday.
Happy Easter!

He is Risen!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Birthday Week

Yes.  The third week of March is always a special week for me because it's my birthday week.  In fact, everyone around the world celebrates my birthday since I share the day with St. Patrick.

1.  My younger daughter and her family came to celebrate with me in person.  The others all rang in by phone.  That's what makes my birthday complete.

2.  I chose the meal.  Thai food.  Curries.  Pad Thai.  All vegan for me.  But the omnivores ate beef.

3.  I chose the activity.  Hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It was a foggish day but you can still see Pt. Dume way out there at the far edge of the sandy beach.

Charmlee Park in Encinal Canyon is a perfect hike for families.

4.  An added benefit of having a spring birthday is being surrounded by the California native spring flowers.

5.  Spring Break!  Without a doubt, teachers look forward to spring break with as much (if not more) enthusiasm as their students.  Two weeks!  I'm a happy and free girl for two weeks!

These are the five faves for Willow's Birthday Week.  Head over to Susanne's blog if you want to read more faves or participate in Friday Fave Fives.

Friday, March 15, 2013

A Quick Week

The week has passed quickly.  Busyness of teaching, more teaching, plays to attend have made the week to seem to fly by so fast.   Here's a short and unadorned by photos review for Friday Fave Fives.

1.  This quote I found on a facebook page which I follow. "Our brains are built to feed our curiosity, our urge to discover, uncover and invent--essentially to be creative. And if we stay creative, and continually learn, we will be helping our brains give us a life worth living as we age."  from Dr. John Zeisel, from Hopeful Aging, PBS Spring 2013 special.

2.  The fifteen minutes principle.  One afternoon this week, remembering a comment by Flylady, I decided that although my garden won't be weeded and cleaned IN fifteen minutes, I could work out there FOR fifteen minutes.  So I did.  It was wonderful to spend the time outdoors, and as usual, I was surprised again by how much I can accomplish in fifteen minutes:  the potted plants watered and two full buckets of fallen camellia flowers gathered although the area around the camellia bushes doesn't look like I've been there at all.  That's how camellias are.  Fortunately, I hope to have another fifteen minutes this weekend to work out there again.

3.  There will always be knitting.  More hats, of course.  And more boot cuffs.  However, such has been the week that there are no photos.  It's sad but true.  But I promise to post pictures as soon as I take them.

4.  Lately, I've been contemplating what life will be like after March 22nd.  No, it's not my birthday.  No, it's not the end of life (as far as I know).  March 22nd is the date for the boutique where I'm selling my hats. What will my knitting life be after hats?  That's the question I've been pondering.  I think it will be a shawl, some pillow covers for living room pillows, a sweater or two, maybe a pair of pink socks.  No hats.  I'm a bit bored with hats for now.  Anticipation is half the fun.

5.  Speaking of anticipation, we are expecting those little ones to arrive on Saturday.  They've been asking EVERY DAY if TODAY is THE DAY.  Finally, the mommy made a 'Going to Meema and Bapa's House Calender' and put it on the front of the frig.  They've been crossing off the days and today is the LAST day they have to cross out!  We here at the cottage are very nearly as excited as our two sweet ones from San Diego.  Although we restrained ourselves and didn't make a calender, many of our conversations have started with the words "When they are here, shall we, let's, maybe we could..."

Have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, March 07, 2013


Recently I have been participating in a study group focusing on Creativity.  At this point, I am searching for the words to describe how this study is affecting me and where my creativity will lead me.  Mostly I think that I need more focus since I tend to dabble in too many creative outlets and then don't focus sufficiently. Simply put, I am interested in too many things!  Mostly, I am grateful for the opportunity to be creative in so many areas-- fiber arts, photography, gardening, writing.  This is the focus of my Friday Fave Fives this week, my thankfulness for the gift of creativity.

1.  My garden has been clamoring for my attention.  Every time I step out my door, I see the colors of spring calling me to pick up my camera and capture the images.  The bright orange mandarin oranges are ripe and ready to pick.  I am waiting for a couple of weeks until some certain special little someones are here for a visit.  Then we'll pick them and devour their orangey goodness.  In the meantime, I walk past the tree and smile at the cheery brightness.

When the California poppies bloom, it's officially spring.  I have been noticing the flowers popping up everywhere.

And this succulent is ready to burst its blossoms.  I think this is an aloe vera plant, but I'm not sure.  Any plant experts, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Even the yellow dandelions want to get in on the color action.

Beautiful. Butterfly. Sage.

2.  My very talented friend owns several weaving looms.  This week I had the privilege of attending a "Blessing of the Looms" by her priest.

Her intention is to use the looms to teach handicapped children to weave.  She knows where her creativity can be expressed and used to bless others.

3.  I am knitting daily to prepare for the Boutique where I'll be selling my hats to benefit Generate Hope.  I think my favorite way to express my creativity is through fiber and right now that means knitting, knitting, knitting.

4.  I'm not the only one who is creating fun things.  In one of my writing classes, I teach three sisters.  All of them are constantly making things and sharing them.  This lemon thyme plant was a gift from them.

They are so creative!

5.  The other person who lives at Willow's Cottage is pursuing his creative interests.  The Professor has been gone almost every evening for the past two weeks working with the university's performing arts department.  Wednesday night I joined him to watch the dress rehearsal for the play which opened Thursday night.  I loved seeing the moods and colors he created with his lighting and how they enhanced the actors' performances.

What have you been creating this week?