Friday, October 27, 2006

More Wedding Photos

In the forest at Triggsted Farm

Wedding Photos

At long last, here is a photo of Mary on her wedding day. These photos are candids taken by her brother in law, Steve.

cold and weather

Not cold weather. The temperature today was actually in the 80s. And sunny.

I have a cold. I seldom get sick. Headaches, yes. Tired, yes. Cold and flu-- almost never. So today I started feeling "it" early in the afternoon and by 4:00 it was evident that I am coming down with a cold. Bummer. I have soooo much to do this weekend.

We are planning to get a lot of stuff done in the house to get settled. Like putting away the rest of the camping gear and doing repair work on the washing machine faucets and the bathroom faucets, all of which still leak. I am in the middle of sewing curtains for the back bedrooms and John is going to put up the curtain rods. I don't have time to be sick. This is our only free weekend between now and Thanksgiving.

We are also going to dinner tomorrow night with friends John and Kristie at Lucille's, a wonderful smelling bbq place that serves humongous portions and I'm going to be too sick to eat much. Bummer again.

I went to awards chapel today. It just cheered me up to be there. Got hugs from several old students, notably Cierra and Eva who were in my 2nd grade class in Watts. And from Melissa, my star pupil from last year. Toni and Tory Jackson both got awards and that tickled me as I used to work with their grandma Virgie in Watts.

I am thinking that SOMEONE who used to live in my house took off with some of my crochet hooks. I went looking this evening and can't find several sizes I thought I had. Practicing a new crochet pattern is a good sick bed occupation. I'm learning a pattern so I can make a Victorian Garden crochet afghan for Cori and Travis. I had to use a J hook but I need a G or H. I wonder where those hooks are? ANYONE know?

Friday, October 20, 2006


I wrote a blog this afternoon but of course Blogger messed up and didn't publish it. This is especially frustating b/c I haven't updated in over a month.

In the past month I have:

been in charge of one wedding and three receptions
ridden/driven about 3,000 miles up and down the Pacific Coast states on Hwy 5
moved Tim and Mia to their apt
moved us to our new baby house on the freeway

I am tired.

We actually moved last Saturday. We are starting to feel settled. I can see the floor in most rooms. The baths look pretty good. As soon as maintenance fixes the leaks under ALL THREE sinks I'll be able to put away bath and kitchen things. It looks like maintenance is letting John do the work on the faucets. Today I hung curtains in two rooms and purchased material for two other rooms down in the fashion district in LA.

I promise more updates, more often, now that we're moved and home again for a couple of weeks before heading to Phoenix for the next wedding.

monthly update

It has been more than a month since I updated here at Willow's Cottage. In the past month I have:

traveled/driven 3,000miles up and down the Pacific Coast on Highway 5.
planned and given one wedding, three receptions.

I'm tired.

I have not

knitted much.
written much.
exercised much.
been to the beach much.

Things have gotta change around here.

Actually, the move was not as bad as it could have been. After no/little response to our pleas for help, several people came through in amazing ways to assist us: Tim, Mia, Mike, Andrew, Vicki, Joe, Sarah, Doug, Ingrid, Jenn, Glenn and Sharon, Tammy, Tracy, Richard and Bob. Bryan has gained a special place in my regard for his appeal for help, especially considering that he moved that day too. Debbie deserves special note for helping me pack AND unpack my dishes and lots of other stuff, move furniture and generally keep my spirits up.

Now we are playing a game of reverse musical chairs, moving furniture and boxes from one place to another and working out how everything can fit in to our baby house. This morning we did the bedroom. I think we've figured it out and can even put the elliptical machine in there.

Two sides of our house look out on to the school play yard. I enjoy hearing the voices of the kids at recess. It's fun to watch them playing. I thought the noise might bother me, but I find that I like it. The half block commute to school is so much better than the 6 miles on inner city streets and the 10 Fwy and 110/10 interchange.

My goal is to be settled in before we go to Phoenix for Dan and Jennifer's wedding in November.