Friday, October 27, 2006

cold and weather

Not cold weather. The temperature today was actually in the 80s. And sunny.

I have a cold. I seldom get sick. Headaches, yes. Tired, yes. Cold and flu-- almost never. So today I started feeling "it" early in the afternoon and by 4:00 it was evident that I am coming down with a cold. Bummer. I have soooo much to do this weekend.

We are planning to get a lot of stuff done in the house to get settled. Like putting away the rest of the camping gear and doing repair work on the washing machine faucets and the bathroom faucets, all of which still leak. I am in the middle of sewing curtains for the back bedrooms and John is going to put up the curtain rods. I don't have time to be sick. This is our only free weekend between now and Thanksgiving.

We are also going to dinner tomorrow night with friends John and Kristie at Lucille's, a wonderful smelling bbq place that serves humongous portions and I'm going to be too sick to eat much. Bummer again.

I went to awards chapel today. It just cheered me up to be there. Got hugs from several old students, notably Cierra and Eva who were in my 2nd grade class in Watts. And from Melissa, my star pupil from last year. Toni and Tory Jackson both got awards and that tickled me as I used to work with their grandma Virgie in Watts.

I am thinking that SOMEONE who used to live in my house took off with some of my crochet hooks. I went looking this evening and can't find several sizes I thought I had. Practicing a new crochet pattern is a good sick bed occupation. I'm learning a pattern so I can make a Victorian Garden crochet afghan for Cori and Travis. I had to use a J hook but I need a G or H. I wonder where those hooks are? ANYONE know?

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Mama Mia said...

I swear it wasn't me that took the crochet hooks!! Really! ;o)