Saturday, August 19, 2006

Tim Is In Kuwait

That statement says it all.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


I knitted a brown tam for Elizabeth W. last weekend. After it was completely finished, I realized it was TOO SMALL. I had not checked my gauge and my needle size was too small. I knitted 5 stitches to the inch, instead of 4 inches. With 78 to 108 stitches on the needles at different times, I was several inches too small. (Do the math yourselves.)

So...I tinked it all and started over yesterday morning, using size 10 needles instead of size 9. I have a looser stitch, but the size will be correct. I like the color and texture of the yarn, so I think the end result will be good. Stay tuned for a photo of the finished tam.

Selamat Hari Tujuh Belas Augustus


Happy Birthday to the Republic of Indonesia.

Today, August 17th, is Indonesia's Independence Day. All the years we lived in Indonesia, either on the island of Java or in Papua province on the island of New Guinea, we celebrated this day with our Indonesian friends. So, in honor of those memories, I wish Indonesia many more years of independence.

Monday, August 14, 2006


We are planning two weddings are our house. Mia and Tim are getting married on September 23rd. Dan and Jennifer's wedding will be on November 11th. I want to celebrate another wedding--four years ago on August 10th, Deb and Jeff were married. I found these candids taken by a friend on their wedding day. Deb and Jeff may never have seen them.

Deb and Jeff

Family shot: Jeff, Deb, John, Linda, Mary, Dan, Mike

Happy Birthday Kiti

Yesterday, August 13th, was Deb's birthday. She arrived in the world at 6:10am Saturday morning, 29 years ago. 8 lbs, 3 oz. 4 hours of labor. Northridge Hospital, Reseda, CA.

As I wrote the above words, the first story about Deb that came into my mind was the first story about Deb. She was switched at birth. True story. Because I was on the phone chatting to my friend who is now my sister in law, the nurses took another new mom from the recovery room and moved her into the room that was assigned to me, BUT they neglected to change the paperwork. So when I was taken to my room, it was actually the room assigned to the other mom. But NO ONE remembered to change room designations on the papers. Soooo...when I asked for my newborn to be brought to me I was given A DIFFERENT BABY. No one checked our bracelet/ankle IDs. Yes, the baby had dark hair, really odd ears (I told Deborah it was ok that her ears looked like nobody else's in the family, we'd just grow her hair long to cover them), but I loved "her" immediately. It was only after I had cuddled her awhile that I unwrapped the blanket to check that she had all her fingers and toes and looked at her ankle ID. It read, MARTINEZ, BOY. Ahem, I knew I'd given birth to a girl, I checked, nope this baby was a boy. Hmmm, my last name isn't Martinez, it's Price... Panic set in. Where is MY BABY? When the nurse answered my call button summons, she said, "What's the matter, Mrs. Martinez?", I answered, "I'M NOT MRS. MARTINEZ, I'M MRS. PRICE! WHERE IS MY BABY?" As you can imagine, panic set in among the nursing staff. MY BABY was eventually found peacefully sleeping in the crib labeled MARTINEZ, BOY, but her ankle ID said PRICE, GIRL. When I was finally reunited with my own baby, I wasn't inclined to give her back to the nursery during the rest of my stay in the hospital. I checked, yup, looked like I remembered my baby looked like in the delivery room, actually looked like my grandma, right sex, right ankle ID. I know that I came home from the hospital with the right baby because Deb looks just like me. When she was 13, someone in a restroom looked at us and commented, "Well, you could never deny that she is yours." Little did she know how welcome those words always are... In fact, we look so much alike that Deb quickly got tired of people saying, "You look like your mom!" and we made the deal that I'd give her a dime every time someone said it. She got rich...

Deb and Mia

Deb looks like me, but she is her father's daughter. I am awed that I could have given birth to someone as smart as Deb. (I knew she'd be beautiful!) My chemist, theologian, rocket scientist daughter who also has incredible musical talent, writing ability and the good taste to love cats.

It was lovely to see you on your birthday yesterday, Deb. May you have many more years of living and loving.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Today, August 3rd, is my first son's 31st birthday. Happy birthday, Dan!

I have seen so many changes in Dan's life and circumstances in the past year. He has graduated from seminary with a Master of Divinity degree, been ordained, graduated from Chaplain Officer's Basic Course, taken US Army oath of office. And if that's not enough, he's met and become engaged to the love of his life, Jennifer.

It's amazing to me that the little 7 lb 11 oz baby I held for the first time in the afternoon of August 3, 1975, (round red face, lots of dark hair, long, long eyelashes) has grown into the wonderful man he is--a military chaplain dedicated to bringing hope, help, comfort and understanding to American men and women around the world, a thoughtful son, a kind older brother who always takes time to listen to his siblings' conversations, a good friend to many people. I think he's going to be a great husband and (maybe) father.

Some of my favorite memories of Dan are from the early years in Indonesia--his leading Deb out in to the jungle to play and then "protecting" her when they got lost, his pulling Mike out of the stream behind the bush house in Meyerga, his shining face when he said, "Mom, today is Michael's first Christmas!", his thoughtful birthday gift to me--a rat trap (well, we really did need one!), his love of stories about him, Mouse and Joey that John made up every bedtime.

Dan has always loved to read. I taught him phonics at age 5, and he has never looked back (Christmas break his first grade year, he pulled Lord of the Rings off the shelf and "read" the whole first volume in one day). Now, when he moves from Whittier the end of this month, he'll pack How Many boxes of books?!

So, happy birthday, Dan, may God give you many more years to serve Him and make your parents even more proud of you than we are today!