Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Weekend

This last weekend of September, we are resting quietly.  Because our friends are traveling, we drove down to the Beach Cities of coastal Los Angeles to doggy sit.

We are walking the dog,

enjoying the sunny day.

Well, that's not all we're doing but it's the only part of the weekend that doesn't involve sitting in the loft correcting papers and prepping lessons for next week.  And knitting.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oh Hai~

I think I'm back.  And it's not even the very end of Silent September.  I have four more days.

We've spent our spare time visiting with our son.

And reading. And knitting. I've been knitting, that is.  We've both been reading.  And teaching.

I'm hoping to resume posting on a bi-weekly basic.  Emphasis on 'hoping'.

What have you been doing while I've been in self-imposed blog exile?

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Didn't Mean To

Honestly, my silence on the blog has been unintentional.  I didn't mean to ignore this space for more than two weeks.  It just happened.  Next Wednesday, I begin the 2012-13 school year for teaching writing and composition to elementary aged homeschool kids in my county.  Working from my home (ie. living room) and teaching in three different cities in the county, I spend a large amount of time either maneuvering around my home/workplace or driving to and from classes.  Right now, my living room looks like a paper supply company's storage unit. That's because I have the papers for six classes tidily strewn in orderly piles around the room so I can collect and collate everything I need for the 30 weeks of classes.  That includes the many reams of paper I photocopied at my boss/friend's house last week.  In addition, my brain seems to be locked in to one channel:  school prep.  It's not that I haven't done anything else in the past few weeks. I have.  It's just that I've had no mental energy left for public writing.  Hence, the blog silence.

Unfortunately, I fear that this period will turn in to Silent September.  Six classes in three locations in two cities means I will be busy and focused on setting up my yearly routines.  The Professor has started back to teaching also--fourteen and two/thirds units at the university plus a drama dept. play that is already in production for which he is doing the technical bits like lighting. That means he's a bit busy himself.  I'm not going away forever, just for a couple more weeks until I have settled in to the schedule.  I hope you'll stop by occasionally to check in and let me know you're still thinking of me.