Friday, March 25, 2022


 It has been a whirlwind this week.  By that I mean our schedule AND the wind.  All of a sudden, I realized, "Hey! It's Friday afternoon!  I haven't sat down at the computer and written my Friday Fave Fives!"  So here I am, taking a breather, sipping some herbal tea (sweetened with local honey), and focusing on what has blessed me this week.

1.  Safety.  A friend in Oregon texted me one on Wednesday and asked, "Are you OK?"  I had no idea what she was talking about, so I checked our weather channel.  Hmmmm, we were in line to maybe have a tornado??  The blessing is that we avoided the tornado warnings and 'only' got crazy rain and thunderstorms.  I'm thankful my friend alerted me and that we remained safe.

2.  As I was cleaning out my purse today, I came across a small torn bit of paper with a quote on it:  "With walking, familiarity breeds happiness."  Kevin Fossett.  Normally, one reads that statement--'familiarity breeds contempt'.  But with walking your neighborhood, your local paths, familiarity, breeds happiness.  This week has bred happiness for me as I have stuck to walking close paths.

3.  I can't help it!  I adore farm houses and old barns.  Driving even within a few miles of my home, I encounter those wonderful places.  This barn just reached out and touched me with happiness.

4.  I have been experiencing some severe pain in my left hand.  I needed to see a doctor and fortunately I was able to schedule an appointment with a hand specialist in one day!  The diagnosis is that I have 'trigger finger'.  The treatment was a steroid injection.  The pain is subsiding and we will see how things progress.  I am SO SO thankful I was able to secure a quick appointment and receive the help I needed.

5.  SPRING is here! (not that the weather is aware of that)  The daffodils are blooming!  Nothing speaks spring more than daffodils!  I am thankful for both the equinox arriving and the flowers blooming.

So my friends, let us be thankful and breed happiness and enjoy SPRING!

Friday, March 18, 2022

St. Patrick's Week

 Friday Fave Fives!  (follow the link to join us)  It's all about green and Irish and St. Patrick this week!   Yes, I am focusing on what I can do, not the situation in the world.  If I show love and am loved, maybe that will spread to others and encourage them and maybe love will flow around the world.

1.  I should have been named Pat.  Why?  March 17th is my birthday!  All my life, I've loved that people celebrate my birthday with much joy.  And everything green.  And parades.  And shamrocks.

Me, about two weeks old.

2.  So many messages, cards, and phone calls.  ALL my kids (and daughter-in-law) and grandkids chimed in as well as my brother and sister-in-law and The Professor's siblings.  Talking to my far away sons and Chap's wife was a highlight of my day.

3.  People asked what I did to celebrate.  Well, we drove into the city so The Professor could have two dr appts.  But between the appts, we enjoyed coffee and we picked up a couple of pies.  I would much rather have pie than birthday cake.  Yum!

4.  AND the weather was wonderful so we joined Older Daughter, The New Boy, and another pre teen boy who is nearly family on a hike. 2.6 miles along a river.  Coffee.  Pie.  Hike.  What could be better for my birthday?

5.  That pre teen boy?  He is visiting Older Daughter this week from Texas for his spring break.  His mom is one of her BFFs and he asked if he could spend his vacation with her and New Boy.  We've enjoyed having him here for dinners and walks and even a backyard bonfire.

All in all, St. Patrick's Week was a success!

Friday, March 11, 2022

Focus on the Small Things

Friday.  In the midst of global horror, I need to keep my focus on gratitude.  These may seem like little things (and they are).  But if we don't, we will just fall into despair.  Friday Fave Fives is important!  We share our gratitude publicly to encourage ourselves and others.  I just checked.  This is the 674th Friday Fave Fives that Susanne has hosted!

1. and 2.  This week I did a thing.  For the first time since we moved, I pulled out my Cricket loom.  There are two faves here.  The first one is obvious.  I am weaving again!  The second is my appreciation for a husband who helps me with something I love.  Warping a loom is NOT an easy thing.  The Professor understands the concept of how weaving works, so he helps me with the warping.  (for non fabric people:  warp is the rows of thread/yarn that is connected to the loom lengthwise)

3.  Yes, I know we are going to get snow this weekend.  BUT, several days this week have been 'warmish' and 'sunny-ish' enough for us to walk.

4.  That weather also allowed me to be outside in my garden a bit.  Mostly I cleaned up and pulled a few dead plants, just preparing for spring planting.  I can't wait!

5.  On Saturday, we did an expotition. (reference: Winnie the Pooh)  The Professor, Older and Younger Daughters and I wanted to do some shopping in the big city.  We hit the stores and purchased what we needed and then celebrated with a lunch at a Turkish restaurant.  Oh yum!  And Oh the joy of just spending time with our girls.

Yes, it's the small things that bring joy.  Let us focus our minds there.  We need to.

Friday, March 04, 2022

Marching In Like a Lamb

 The weather, that is.  We marched out to our car and marched south, to visit friends.  And the farther south we drove, the better the weather.  But you know what they say, "In like a lamb, out like a lion."  For now, I'll take the lamb.

And I realized last night, "It's going to be Friday!"  We had just returned home, and I had to think about home routine.  Friday means Friday Fave Fives. (follow the link)  Obviously, our whole week was focused on our visit to Tennessee.

1.  Lunch with The Professor's 'oldest' friend, oldest meaning longest in time.  They were three and one.  Their dads were both part of the college/seminary and remained colleagues until they both were retired.  Then The Prof's friend was one of my teachers at the college.  We have remained friends through the years, so when they moved east, we promised we'd stay in touch.  Lunch with them lasted until well into the afternoon.  Fortunately, the restaurant was chill about our staying and talking and talking.

2.  Then we drove over to our other friends' home and settled in for two wonderful evenings and a fantastic day of exploring their new town.  We moved from the same city and same church in the same month.  I don't think we four stopped talking the whole time.  Oh, it was wonderful!

3.  As always, my camera was out and I was searching for photos of old barns as we traveled down the highways.  I found a few... (come back later to see more...)

4.   Of course, I am thankful for safety!

5.  And the weather was wonderful.  The day we walked around town, the weather was shirtsleeve warm.  Even Eleanor enjoyed being out and about in the sunshine.

Our friends' view from their back deck.

Let us rejoice in friendship, fellowship and fresh warm air!  And hope that March doesn't go out like a lion but stays lamb-ish.