Monday, September 18, 2006

Weather in Oregon

The 10 day forecast now shows NO RAIN on Saturday the 23rd, high temperature of 77! Perfect weather for an outdoor wedding!

On our Way

We leave early in the morning for Oregon! Tim and Mia are already there. She reported this afternoon that they have picked up their marriage license. It's really happening.

I am leaving feeling a bit unsettled for several reasons. The packing is "in process" (read: there are boxes and piles all over), we still have two rooms and a few touch ups to paint in the new place, and our neighbor's place here (the townhouse next door) was broken in to over the weekend. We didn't hear anything, didn't even know they were gone for the weekend. The evidence points to a homeless person being the perp, considering what was taken and "the smell". Please pray that our home will remain safe while we are away. And pray for Ron and Louise--it's so hard to feel violated by a break-in.

Time to pack-- wedding clothes for all three of us, knitting books and projects for the drive and the days after the wedding, lots of other wedding stuff...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Packing and Weather

Alas, no knitting news. I had intended to get to the lys this morning after J and I got our hairs cut, but we turned north instead of south on Sepulveda Blvd to go back to pick up Tim and Mia at Starbuck's, and I forgot. We went to the evil bridal shop that STILL doesn't have Mia's dress altered, and there it was, no knitting shop stop.

We are all packing. Today's list includes items from my grandmother's cedar hope chest-- a lovely embroidered dresser scarf, various knitted items from J's babyhood, and my children's babyhood. (Note to Deb: I thought that the animals on the pink vest I knitted you were kitties, no, they were owls. My wol is aptly named.) There were also my great, great grandma's white apron, her organza wedding dress and a blue taffeta jacket with round jet buttons. My great grandfather's seabag with his name, O. Gericke, stencilled on it. I really shouldn't mention these items if I don't post back in Mia's purse.

I am now taking a break from packing dishes. I have many dishes. I don't buy dishes. I inherit dishes. Teacups. Heisy clear crystal bowls, plates, candle holders, serving bowls, candy dishes. Noritake china. Salt cellars. More teacups. Now they all have to be packed VERY CAREFULLY in lots and lots of bubble wrap to be transported BY ME in MY CAR the six miles to the 20th street little house on the freeway. I love the dishes and I love to use them. I don't keep them hidden away for "good", I use them and display them. As my sil says, "I never met a dish I didn't like."

Rea, I am having coffee with Cynthia tomorrow. I know we will fondly say, "We miss Rea!"

Oh yeah. Weather report: early morning coastal fog and low cloudiness, giving way to sunshine later in the day. This report could be mailed in every morning for the next month.

Friday, September 08, 2006

More Than Weather

After two more days of HOT and SUNNY, it looks like today's weather is going to be COOLER but still SUNNY.

Have you recently, or ever, moved? Remember the mess, the explosion of belongings everywhere, the point of maximum expansion? We're almost there. I can't pack the kitchen until after Mia and Tim's reception here at the house next month, but most everything else is going on schedule. Almost all the books are packed. In this house of bibliophiles, that's half the boxes. I packed up the Indonesian artifacts, shells I collected on Papuan beaches, pretty much everything except the carved cassowary eggs. Those will go separately in their own box in my car under my personal supervision. (NO, they are not on the endangered species list; we checked.)

I have packed my yarn. In a very big box. With great care and tenderness. I shut my lovelies in it and taped them in, and wrote J & L Yarn on three sides of the box. We really are moving, I've prepared my yarn. If I need yarn for a project, I'll have to go to my LYS (local yarn store) and get more. (YES! heheh)

Today I plan to pack my spinning supplies. dye pot, carder, spinning wheel. The wheel is a Lendrum folding travel wheel, so all I have to do is fold it up and put it in its traveling case. It, too, will be moved personally by me along with the cassowary eggs.

Lovely weekend ahead. Tim is coming from Camp Pendleton, we plan to get in a walk or bike ride, more packing. What's on your agenda?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Weather on September 5th

HOT, sunny, HOTTER

The thermometer in my car registered 103F at 1:15pm.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Weather on September 4th

Sunny, hot and windy.

On this date 34 years ago, John and I got engaged!

We went down to Hermosa Beach to The Strand and had breakfast at Martha's 22nd Street Grill. Good food, worth the 1/2 hour wait and the horrible parking.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Weather on September 3rd

Sunny and hot.

Are we bored yet?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Friday, September 01, 2006

Breaking the Silence

It seems that I have taken an unintended hiatus from blogging the past two weeks. My life has been very busy and very stressful. What have I had/do I have on the current plate?

school year starting, but my program on hold for a few weeks, so I'm helping out wherever
Tim's safe return from Iraq
planning a wedding in Oregon across a state boundary, 900 miles away
planning three receptions, two in Oregon and one in California
getting shoes for Mia and Tim's wedding
packing to move on October 15th
house sitting for friends near the beach
John traveling to Wichita for five days
Dan moving to Phoenix last weekend
Mia and Tim packing her belongings to move to their apt, which they don't have rented yet
repairing, cleaning and painting new house which I can't begin until after Sept 10th
being gone out of state Sept 19th-Oct 4th
moving Tim and Mia's collective belongings from Oregon to California, via our house for a pick up of her things- we've reserved the truck already
buying a dress and maybe shoes for Dan and Jennifer's wedding
pulling together all the names and addresses to send to Jennifer for wedding invitations

I just don't have much time for blogging or posting pictures. And the digital camera has taken off again in Mia's purse.

Knitting update: I have been knitting dishclothes for Mia. I finished knitting Elizabeth's tam. I have started knitting a pair of socks for Laurie. The socks are being knitted on size 8 needles using worsted weight yarn, so I do not think the socks will take too much time to knit up.

Today I got up at 4am to drive John to LAX to meet the rest of the guys going to the TUMI conference and catch his 6am flight from LAX. Then I climbed back in bed and slept for a while and then got up and took Mia to the metro station so she could go to the LaBrea Tar Pits. The dig workers were being filmed by National Geographic and they wanted Mia to be there. She is in a lot of footage; maybe she'll get in the film! She is very photogenic and easy to film and photgraph, so I'm sure she was an asset to the filming. Then I ran errands, had lunch with a couple of friends and then went to the Cotton Shop and finally found brown material and pink ribbon to metamorphisize my shoes for the wedding.

I spent quite a while just sitting in the loft and reading this evening. It has been quite windy today so the palm trees were moving around and I could hear the sound of the fronds brushing against the building.

I got to thinking about how people will always post their mood or the music they are listening to. My moods are personal things and I don't listen to music, so I thought I could post weather. Here in Southern CA weather reporting is pretty boring. Here is the weather post for the past month:

Sunny and Hot

BUT today the report is:

Sunny, Warm and Windy

So there you have it, dear readers-an exciting and innovative change in our weather.