Friday, September 01, 2006

Breaking the Silence

It seems that I have taken an unintended hiatus from blogging the past two weeks. My life has been very busy and very stressful. What have I had/do I have on the current plate?

school year starting, but my program on hold for a few weeks, so I'm helping out wherever
Tim's safe return from Iraq
planning a wedding in Oregon across a state boundary, 900 miles away
planning three receptions, two in Oregon and one in California
getting shoes for Mia and Tim's wedding
packing to move on October 15th
house sitting for friends near the beach
John traveling to Wichita for five days
Dan moving to Phoenix last weekend
Mia and Tim packing her belongings to move to their apt, which they don't have rented yet
repairing, cleaning and painting new house which I can't begin until after Sept 10th
being gone out of state Sept 19th-Oct 4th
moving Tim and Mia's collective belongings from Oregon to California, via our house for a pick up of her things- we've reserved the truck already
buying a dress and maybe shoes for Dan and Jennifer's wedding
pulling together all the names and addresses to send to Jennifer for wedding invitations

I just don't have much time for blogging or posting pictures. And the digital camera has taken off again in Mia's purse.

Knitting update: I have been knitting dishclothes for Mia. I finished knitting Elizabeth's tam. I have started knitting a pair of socks for Laurie. The socks are being knitted on size 8 needles using worsted weight yarn, so I do not think the socks will take too much time to knit up.

Today I got up at 4am to drive John to LAX to meet the rest of the guys going to the TUMI conference and catch his 6am flight from LAX. Then I climbed back in bed and slept for a while and then got up and took Mia to the metro station so she could go to the LaBrea Tar Pits. The dig workers were being filmed by National Geographic and they wanted Mia to be there. She is in a lot of footage; maybe she'll get in the film! She is very photogenic and easy to film and photgraph, so I'm sure she was an asset to the filming. Then I ran errands, had lunch with a couple of friends and then went to the Cotton Shop and finally found brown material and pink ribbon to metamorphisize my shoes for the wedding.

I spent quite a while just sitting in the loft and reading this evening. It has been quite windy today so the palm trees were moving around and I could hear the sound of the fronds brushing against the building.

I got to thinking about how people will always post their mood or the music they are listening to. My moods are personal things and I don't listen to music, so I thought I could post weather. Here in Southern CA weather reporting is pretty boring. Here is the weather post for the past month:

Sunny and Hot

BUT today the report is:

Sunny, Warm and Windy

So there you have it, dear readers-an exciting and innovative change in our weather.

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