Saturday, September 09, 2006

Packing and Weather

Alas, no knitting news. I had intended to get to the lys this morning after J and I got our hairs cut, but we turned north instead of south on Sepulveda Blvd to go back to pick up Tim and Mia at Starbuck's, and I forgot. We went to the evil bridal shop that STILL doesn't have Mia's dress altered, and there it was, no knitting shop stop.

We are all packing. Today's list includes items from my grandmother's cedar hope chest-- a lovely embroidered dresser scarf, various knitted items from J's babyhood, and my children's babyhood. (Note to Deb: I thought that the animals on the pink vest I knitted you were kitties, no, they were owls. My wol is aptly named.) There were also my great, great grandma's white apron, her organza wedding dress and a blue taffeta jacket with round jet buttons. My great grandfather's seabag with his name, O. Gericke, stencilled on it. I really shouldn't mention these items if I don't post back in Mia's purse.

I am now taking a break from packing dishes. I have many dishes. I don't buy dishes. I inherit dishes. Teacups. Heisy clear crystal bowls, plates, candle holders, serving bowls, candy dishes. Noritake china. Salt cellars. More teacups. Now they all have to be packed VERY CAREFULLY in lots and lots of bubble wrap to be transported BY ME in MY CAR the six miles to the 20th street little house on the freeway. I love the dishes and I love to use them. I don't keep them hidden away for "good", I use them and display them. As my sil says, "I never met a dish I didn't like."

Rea, I am having coffee with Cynthia tomorrow. I know we will fondly say, "We miss Rea!"

Oh yeah. Weather report: early morning coastal fog and low cloudiness, giving way to sunshine later in the day. This report could be mailed in every morning for the next month.

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Thank you!
Love and miss you tooooo!