Monday, September 18, 2006

On our Way

We leave early in the morning for Oregon! Tim and Mia are already there. She reported this afternoon that they have picked up their marriage license. It's really happening.

I am leaving feeling a bit unsettled for several reasons. The packing is "in process" (read: there are boxes and piles all over), we still have two rooms and a few touch ups to paint in the new place, and our neighbor's place here (the townhouse next door) was broken in to over the weekend. We didn't hear anything, didn't even know they were gone for the weekend. The evidence points to a homeless person being the perp, considering what was taken and "the smell". Please pray that our home will remain safe while we are away. And pray for Ron and Louise--it's so hard to feel violated by a break-in.

Time to pack-- wedding clothes for all three of us, knitting books and projects for the drive and the days after the wedding, lots of other wedding stuff...

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