Friday, March 15, 2013

A Quick Week

The week has passed quickly.  Busyness of teaching, more teaching, plays to attend have made the week to seem to fly by so fast.   Here's a short and unadorned by photos review for Friday Fave Fives.

1.  This quote I found on a facebook page which I follow. "Our brains are built to feed our curiosity, our urge to discover, uncover and invent--essentially to be creative. And if we stay creative, and continually learn, we will be helping our brains give us a life worth living as we age."  from Dr. John Zeisel, from Hopeful Aging, PBS Spring 2013 special.

2.  The fifteen minutes principle.  One afternoon this week, remembering a comment by Flylady, I decided that although my garden won't be weeded and cleaned IN fifteen minutes, I could work out there FOR fifteen minutes.  So I did.  It was wonderful to spend the time outdoors, and as usual, I was surprised again by how much I can accomplish in fifteen minutes:  the potted plants watered and two full buckets of fallen camellia flowers gathered although the area around the camellia bushes doesn't look like I've been there at all.  That's how camellias are.  Fortunately, I hope to have another fifteen minutes this weekend to work out there again.

3.  There will always be knitting.  More hats, of course.  And more boot cuffs.  However, such has been the week that there are no photos.  It's sad but true.  But I promise to post pictures as soon as I take them.

4.  Lately, I've been contemplating what life will be like after March 22nd.  No, it's not my birthday.  No, it's not the end of life (as far as I know).  March 22nd is the date for the boutique where I'm selling my hats. What will my knitting life be after hats?  That's the question I've been pondering.  I think it will be a shawl, some pillow covers for living room pillows, a sweater or two, maybe a pair of pink socks.  No hats.  I'm a bit bored with hats for now.  Anticipation is half the fun.

5.  Speaking of anticipation, we are expecting those little ones to arrive on Saturday.  They've been asking EVERY DAY if TODAY is THE DAY.  Finally, the mommy made a 'Going to Meema and Bapa's House Calender' and put it on the front of the frig.  They've been crossing off the days and today is the LAST day they have to cross out!  We here at the cottage are very nearly as excited as our two sweet ones from San Diego.  Although we restrained ourselves and didn't make a calender, many of our conversations have started with the words "When they are here, shall we, let's, maybe we could..."

Have a wonderful weekend!


Bethany said...

I actually am a little teary-eyed that there is so much love between all of you! That is wonderful! I hope I can have the same someday. I was just wondering the other day if you had done any weaving recently? Or is that in hiatus? I'm about to pull out my sewing machine for N's birthday and it's been a long time! (1 year to be exact!). He's my spring baby, so I know it's only a few more days because his b-day is on the 20th. Have fun this weekend!!!

Brenda said...

My MIL taught the Gkids to count 'sleeps' for their countdown to visits. Even now that they're alot older and some adults still 'count sleeps'!
Our 32 anniversary is on the 22nd!

Susanne said...

How exciting that the grandkids are arriving! I know you all will have so much fun!

Fifteen minutes can be alot, it's just motivating myself to actually get to it.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Oh, DO enjoy your visit. I know it'll be wonderful! I miss pictures...but I can't wait to hear what you'll make next.

Have a GREAT week ahead!

Heather said...

I am trying to remember that when I am doing something. I may not finish it,but I can begin to work on it. So hard for me. I like to finish projets right then.

I hope things go great on the 22nd!

How sweet about your Grandkids! My boys love seeing our parents. Have a great weekend!

Jane said...

Hope you have wonderful time with the boys Willow, it is so lovely that they are excited to be visiting you. At the moment we are looking forward to the Easter break with much anticipation, just because it will be time to spend together, hopefully with better weather and visiting my parents too. Jane xx

Brenda said...

I like that 15 minute principle,we can get a lot done in 15 minutes without it seeming too burdensome!

Can't wait to hear about the baby!

nikkipolani said...

Oh, I hope your weekend with the little ones was wonderful. So much anticipation! Did you pick all the mandarin oranges? Or were they tangerines?

The 15 minute principle is great but I can never quite tear myself away after 15 minutes!

March 22 is fast approaching. What will you knit next?!

Amanda said...

I love that quote! Have a wonderful time with your grandchildren!!

Marg said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful day in store.......That means it's tomorrow. This will make you smile...Right now I am knitting wash cloths, trying to learn to count, trying to read a pattern, trying new patterns with each new cloth, trying not to unravel 180 stitches, rather only 35.
It would be fun to have you in our knitting group...there are many laughs as you see one of us pulling apart touque again.

Julene said...

It seems like a long time since I've been to visit! Your weekend sounds exciting and like it promised to be a busy one! Can't wait to hear about it!

Barbara said...

I think it is true we Grandparents get as excited as the little ones.