Friday, September 24, 2021

Nothing EQUALS Gratitude

 All things being EQUAL, this has been an interesting week.  Weather changes, rain and more rain, sick grandsons (one is better, the other not yet), harvesting tomatoes [so many tomatoes].  I am thankful for all the blessings of this week, and I am sharing with you to encourage you.  For more encouragement, you can go to Susanne's blog, Living to Tell the Story and find other FRIDAY FAVE FIVES.

1.  It's officially fall.  We've passed the EQUINOX.  That means (maybe) that our temperatures will moderate.   The fave of this?  Our weather this week has been cool and rainy already.

2.  I make a point of reading books about the Holocaust (like the book I recommended two weeks ago).  I wouldn't say I enjoy reading them, but I think it is important to keep these stories in people's minds and hearts.  This week I read Jack and Rochelle, an autobiographical memoir of two young Jewish people who survived and fought in a partisan group in Eastern Poland during World War II.  I highly recommend reading it!

3.  A drive around Amish Country.  This was our first trip to visit Amish Country which is about an hour away from where we live.  Besides the obvious horses and black buggies, we simply enjoyed driving through the rural areas of our state.  Stopping at one of the shops, we chose a few items to try.

4.  On Saturday, we joined Younger Daughter and her doggie Shep (he's a Bernese Mountain Dog) for a 'walk in the woods'.  Most of the time we were on a paved path, but we did take a turn onto a path that was quite overgrown.  We love those spontaneous detours.  And we love our hikes.  And Shep loves his Bapa.  I am so thankful for beautiful places to walk in nature, for living near my girls, for the health to be able to do so much outdoors.

5.  The trees are just beginning to lose their leaves; some are starting to change colors.  We have enjoyed our summer walks, but autumn walks are the BEST.  Stepping on all the crunchy leaves.  There is no EQUAL!

And bonus!  Barns!

Enjoy this first week of fall as we enjoy the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX.


Cathy said...

Absolutely beautiful. I love visiting Amish Country, especially on washday and seeing all the clothes hanging on the clotheslines. Have a blessed day!!

Barbara Harper said...

It's starting to feel fallish here, too--so refreshing! I love crunch leaves on the ground, too.

I agree--I don't necessarily enjoy the horrors of the Holocaust, but it's important to remember.

I'd love the visit to Amish country.

Faith said...

We live very near an Amish community (about a half hour away) and my sister lives in the heart of the NYS Amish community about an hour west of us). They bake the best bread!!

It's starting to feel like autumn here too and I LOVE LOVE LOVE hiking as you know in the cooler temps and that fresh, cold mountain air. We only had some rain last night and this morning but the weekend promises to be perfect (low 70s and sunny!!). I"m headed to Vermont and cannot wait!! Most of the leaves are starting to change up there so it should be very pretty.

Its special to hang out with daughters....i love it and glad you got to do that walk with yours!


Ps (I LOVE historical fiction based on WW2 and the Holocaust). I read it often.

Gattina said...

What a nice walk ! I wouldn't want to live like the Amish without all our modern things which makes life so easy !I know the Bernese Mountain dogs very well, my neighbour had one for over 10 years what a friendly breed of dogs !

ellen b. said...

Amish country takes you away to another time. Glad you had a good week despite illnesses.

R's Rue said...

Such lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

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nikkipolani said...

I was very slow to catch onto your equal/equinox quip. But I did enjoy the mental images of crunchy leaves and cooler weather. As you know, SoCal is a ways away from anything remotely like that. Today is Novemberish, but Thursday will be a resumption of July.

It is such a blessing, as you said, to be near family and have health and strength. Rich blessings indeed. said...
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Jeannie said...

Your Amish buggies look exactly like the ones here locally in Ethridge, Tennessee except for the white reflector on the back wheel. It isn't much, but it makes them a little bit easier to see after dark. I'm glad they made that tiny modern safety upgrade.

It is beginning to feel like fall here also.