Friday, October 01, 2021


 October?  How is it possible?  I know the daylight hours are a bit shorter but it just doesn't feel like October yet.  We've been able to be outside enjoying hikes and bike rides and the weather has been perfect.  There is so much to be thankful for all the time, but this first day of October is just full of blessings.  Here are Five from this week.  I'm sharing with Friday Fave Fives (follow the link).

1.  A new mystery series.  Father Dowling mysteries are set in small town Illinois in the 1970s-80s and center around a Catholic priest who is friends with the chief detective.  Written by Ralph McInerny, they have captivated The Professor and me. They somewhat remind us of Brother Cadfael books.  I admit I love murder mysteries and am glad to have found a new series.

2.  We try to get New Boy (grandson we are homeschooling) out on daily walks for PE.  One day this week we found this little guy hopping across our path.  Can this count as biology too?  I love the diversity of nature!

And here he is in camo...

3.  Garage sale score.  Again.  This week we found a standing lamp for $5!  Perfect for our living room which until now has had NO lights.

4.  On Sunday afternoon, The Professor and I drove to a town about an hour from us where the Frontier Spirit group was doing a weekend of demonstrations about life in 1799-1800.  Our friend is a blacksmith and was making hooks over his fire.  We were equally fascinated by the old surveying equipment and maps in a presentation booth.

5.  My younger girl had a free evening this week, and so did I.  So we enjoyed a yummy dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.  Then we spent about an hour finally hanging some pictures on the wall in my house.  Yeah, I know. I've lived here for a year.  I'm really happy with where we chose to display them. (Still have a few to do...)

I hope you enter this new month with joy and gratitude!


Faith said...

Your Sunday afternoon out No sounds like something Dave and i would love. Have you ever been to Sturbridge Village in MA? Similar thIngs there.

Yay for walks in nature and for seeing a praying mantis. Love them!!

How fun to have dinner with your youngest and get the help to hang photos. Enjoy the space!

I'm loving thiese perfect fall days i wish we could have weather like this from now until March, 🤣💕

Happy weekend!!

Lea said...

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog!
I like to read mysteries, too. Have you read the Chet and Bernie books? Chet the dog narrates the stories about his master Bernie, a detective. Really fun to read! The author is Spencer Quinn. And he has written some more mysteries (with dogs), too
Have a wonderful weekend!

Susanne said...

I love attending historical things like that. So fun. I will have to look up those books. They sound like fun reads. Yes, to the camouflaging little bug being biology. That was a great find on your walk. I will eat Mexican anytime!

Susan said...

That is nice that you are homeschooling your grandson. We had our grands with us during the Covid lockdown and we had to make sure they were going on their Zooms and doing homework. I was up in Cayucos a couple of weeks ago. I think you use to live in that area right? Enjoy your weekend!

Karen said...

It's so nice to stop in and see how you're doing! I've missed my FFF friends. I loved the Fr. Dowling series. I can't recall the name of the actress who played the nun, but I enjoyed how the two of them interacted. How neat that you homeschool your grandson! It must be fun for all of you The historical demonstration sounds right up our alley. Makes me wish I had a talent to share, lol!

Jeannie said...

Yes! Walks outside observing nature counts as biology. I homeschooled my three sons and even though they are all grown, they have never stopped learning. Homeschooling your grandson is a blessing he will appreciate.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

That sounds like a wonderful week. I have inherited quite a bit of artwork from my mother and I have 3 pieces that have recently been framed. I have to decide which art work I will keep, which I will give away and where I will hang what.

nikkipolani said...

I came across a quote and your first Fave reminded me of it. "The cure for boredom is books. There's no cure for books."

Also, HOW is it that you've lived there a year??!

ellen b. said...

And here it is October 6th already. Glad you are still enjoying hikes and you had a nice night out with daughter. I'm always ready for Mexican!

Anonymous said...

I ve only seen a couple of historical re-enactments, but I really enjoyed them. We are still enjoying warm days here in the Midwest. So nice for those walks. Mary