Friday, October 22, 2021

Gratitude in Autumn

What made you smile and be thankful this week?  Some weeks, it is just the small things.  Other weeks, it is huge, amazing things.  Whatever God brings in to your life will have ways for you to be grateful.  Here are FRIDAY FAVE FIVES from Willow's Week.  (the link takes you to more!)

1.  When I was at Costco this week, I wandered into the fresh veggies and fruits area where I don't usually go.  Imagine my delight to find RAMBUTAN!  What's rambutan, you ask?  It's a tropical fruit, similar to lychee, that we loved eating when we lived in Indonesia.  The name mean 'hair'.  The reason is obvious when you see the photo.

2.  What's not to love about finding a package on your front porch that you weren't expecting?  And it contained BOOKS!  My beautiful, thoughtful, book loving, librarian daughter-in-law sent me some books by a new to me author.  D.E. Stevenson.  I love anything British, and this author reminds me of Elizabeth Goudge.

3.  The weather has changed.  Time to pull out my warm snuggly AFGHANS!  And one more is almost finished, just in time.

4.  Last night our family drove into the city to attend a showing of the MOVIE Ends of the Earth.  It is produced by Mission Aviation Fellowship, the group of aviators who provided our only means of transportation into the villages where we lived when we were missionaries in Papua, Indonesia.  As you can imagine, we were all so excited to 'see' the places we knew so well.  There was even a clip of one of the national missionaries preaching in OUR little village church.  PLEASE, if you have an opportunity to see this film, GO!

5.  To add joy to our evening, we met a family as we were walking out of the theatre.  Their family member lives in PAPUA!  So we chatted and exchanged information.  The sister even texted her brother--obviously we know the same people and he lives in the town where our children attended boarding school.  What a small and wonderful world!

And here is some fun for you to enjoy...a sign I noticed recently in a local park.  I don't think it is correct...


Karen said...

Haha! Love the sign!

I'm curious about rambutan. Obviously, you must have to peel it, but what's the inside like? What does it taste like? I'm intrigued!

How wonderful for you to be able to 'revisit' Papua through the movie. It all sounds fascinating, I hope I get a chance to watch it someday.

Happy weekend!

Karen said...

P.S. Thank you for the link for the movie! I Googled rambutan and will look for it around here. My grandkids would be fascinated!

Faith said...

hahah the sign is hilarious.

HOW in the world do you eat that fruit??? i've never seen it nor heard of it. Not sure it would be a hit here but i'd love to try it as i love trying new things.

How awesome to run into people who have a connection where you used to serve.

SO kind and thoughtful of your D-L to send you some books. I love books but mine all come from the library.


....we had our first cold day today.....i actually needed a coat to hike.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Willow. I have never heard of Rambutan, so I read something reading this blog post. I also did not realize you had served as missionaries. So glad you ran into a family from where you served. The books look good. What a nice gift. Have a good weekend. See you again soon!

Anonymous said...

I will definitely be looking up that author. I’m thinking of Roberta today, as we shared birthdays. It always made me, as a very little girl, think that my birthday was quite special. I hope I get an opportunity to see that movie. Sounds great. Mary

Barbara Harper said...

I'm with the others--I don't know how in the world you would eat rambutan. If I saw it without knowing what it was, I wouldn't think of eating it.

How fun to get free and unexpected books! I just read a couple of Stevenson books the last couple of years and would love to read more.

I'd not heard of that movie, but it sounds wonderful. And how amazing to have all those connections.

Funny sign!

A Joyful Chaos said...

I have tried rambutan already and enjoyed it, but our local grocery spots hardly ever have them.

What fun to get a package of books! They look interesting, and I'm heading over to our library website now to request them to read. I'm always on the lookout for more reading material.