Tuesday, November 08, 2005


People are not responsible for their own addictions. I know. I have personal knowledge of this.

A few weeks ago, my friend Mary Armstrong sent me a cute Noah's Ark game via email. I played it a few times, and then Mia saw me and said, " Maybe you'd like this game," and showed me how to get on to Yahoo's games to play a different Noah's Ark there. And then one thing led to another and I learned to play Bejeweled 2. My current record on Bejeweled 2 is 20,267. On Noah's Ark, I have made it to Level 24 with a score of 107,106. The latter score was achieved while talking on the phone with Kathryn late one evening.

However. It is not my fault that I spend too much time playing games on the computer. It's probably Mia's fault or maybe Mary's for sending me that first game.

John has taken great pleasure in watching me play, not because he's happy I enjoy what I'm doing, but because he feels vindicated for all the times I ragged on him about playing games and doing jigsaw puzzles.

But it's still not my fault.

On another note...

I've now seen everything:

In our neighborhood, marginally employed men will approach you at the gas station to offer to pump your gas for you for a token fee. Or they'll wash your windshields for you without your asking and then expect a tip for the service. The biggest problem with the windshield washing is that your windows usually end up dirtier than before they were washed. Now I know why. Tonight, on our way to the store after voting at the local elementary school, I saw a windshield washer guy rinsing his squeegee in the water running in the gutter in front of the Arco station. Those squeegees are never getting anywhere near my windshields again.

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Kiti said...

Mummie! Post something new already! I check your blog every day, and you haven't updated it for nearly a month.