Thursday, December 29, 2005

This one's for Deb

Christmas has come and gone. All that stressing about everything and now no one is even talking about Christmas except, "What did you get?"
I got a gift certificate for Pier I from Mike. So I went last night and bought something and THEN realized I didn't have the cert with me.
I got a cd from Jeff and Deb which I've already listened to.
I got a gift card for Border's from Dan. I'm trying to decide what book I want to buy.
I got a potato masher from John. Now, before everyone asks why such a mundane gift from a spouse, let me state that I asked for it. I am tired of having just barely workable accessories and appliances in the kitchen and have started asking for "the world's best" so I will have quality items that won't break after a year. John is also going to let me choose my own Britta water filter so we can have tastier water.
The Feelys gave us a Taste of Tulare box with lots of yummies including very good Maverick's coffee which we enjoyed this morning. Feelys Sr gave us See's candy which is always a happy choice.
All in all, I was very pleased.

On another note, I have spent two days with Dan at his apartment helping him sort through his belongings to toss, give away, store and pack as he gets ready to go on active duty. Actually, I really don't mind doing the cleaning up and sorting and I am treasuring this time spent with my first born son, knowing that this time could be the last for a long time as he goes off and begins his career as an Army chaplain.

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