Sunday, June 24, 2012

More San Diego Windows

Another skyscraper in San Diego with windows and (gasp!) doors onto sky high balconies.
I tried checking on some websites to identify what building this is (and the building in last week's WWDD), but I wasn't able to identify either one.  Because the photos were snapped from the middle of San Diego Bay on the Coronado Ferry, the angles of the buildings are different from the skyline photos I found.

Did you notice the circular window on the top floor?

Photographing architectural features is so much fun!
Here is the link to Whimsical Windows, Delirious Doors.


toby said...

Oh, I like the circular window a lot! And I especially like how you managed to convince that flock of birds to get into the picture - impressive!
Have a great week!

elizabeth said...

Have also read your post below!
So glad you got to see lots of family lately.
Also liked to hear about the Farmers' Market where I worked in 1976!

Your knitting is much more ambitious than mine!

Bethany said...

This reminds me of Michael Graves and the architecture that was taking place in the 80-90's. I would love to know who designed it! Nice photo!

Ralph said...

This appears as a rocket just before liftoff, the thrust from its engines about to break through gravity. Perhaps the round window is a porthole for the astronauts to view the earth from space...

It is a modern building with some early 1900s style like this window, perhaps where a clock would reside if built 100 years ago. It is a great looking building!

ellen b. said... the flock of birds flying over.

Lesley said...

Ralph makes a good observation about the clock....
the way this is taken, it looks to be a building standing out on its own, ready to be taken over by the birds above.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

There were lots of birds about on the day you took these photos. I like the angle of the photo, taken from down on the water.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Willow

Nce shot wth the birds flying overhead!

I heard that the AFA was evacuated -the fires are 10 miles away--it is a very sad and sacry situation. I hope your friends remains safe! Pray for rain for Colorado, and all the other western states experiencing fires. Thanks!