Thursday, May 16, 2013

More May Days

Welcome to this Third Friday in May for Friday Fave Five, Willow's Week edition.

1.  Mother's Day!  All my children called me.  It's a tradition since we live far apart.  The one who was home  decided that evening dinner should be eaten 'out'.  Pad Thai.  Yellow curry.  Green curry.  Wanna know why there are no photos?  We ate it all too fast!

2.  The end of the school year!  That's all I need to say.  Think sleeping in.  Leisurely hikes.  Road trips.  For Three months.

3.  It's also a bit bittersweet.  My students make me laugh every time they read their stories in class.  They let me know they appreciate me.  As the wisdom of this proverb inside the wrapper of a Dove dark chocolate candy says--All you really need is love and a little chocolate doesn't hurt.  My students must know this because as thank you gifts they gave me on the last day of class:
          Chocolate topped toffee.
          World's Finest caramel filled chocolate.
          Godiva chocolate morsels.
          Dark chocolate Tahitian vanilla caramels.

4.  They also know I love to garden.  They gave me:
          A five gallon pink hydrangea plant.
          Potted succulents.
          A vase of garden flowers.
          Home Depot gift card.

5.  Since I am a writing teacher, I often receive notes and poems:
          Dear Mrs. Willow,
             Thank you so much for being my writing class teacher.  I learned a lot.  My absolute favorite thing was writing the 'why story'.  I hope that I have become a much better writer.

          Mrs. Willow is super awesome,
          there is no part of her that's dumb.
          She has a great smile,
          that reaches a mile,
          and that is why this note has come:
          (has come, and that is why this note has come!)

          Our year is finally done,
          everybody has had some fun!
          We partied all year,
          and it is so clear,
          you get a thank you from everyone!

For me, it's officially summer.  More knitting soon.  What shall I cast on?  Any suggestions?

NICU hats?

More felted bowls?


nikkipolani said...

I can see you typing every one of these faves with a giant grin on your face :-) Happy summer!

Caroline said...

Linda! Did you see that Julie is selling a pattern for one of her bunnies. I bought it, and am excited to knit it, but, first, I have to survive these last three weeks of school!

ellen b. said...

Oh yippee! Happy summer time to you.
I might be in your neck of the woods for a wedding in Gaviota on August 10th. If you are in town and I can come earlier than the wedding maybe we can meet up?

susan said...

Love the thank-yous from your students. They have been paying attention to their craft and what you like.

Your summer plans sound delightful. My vote is for you to knit a tea pot cozy that has 3-D flowers all over it.

So glad, Willow, that your Mother's Day was satisfying.

Have a lovely weekend. Do you start your summer vacation now?

Kathie said...

Yay for summer!! Long lovely days ahead of you!

Love your students notes - and their thoughtful gifts. And that list of chocolate is making me hungry :)

So glad you had a lovely Mother's Day.

Happy weekend Willow!

Gracie Saylor said...

Summer!!! Ahhhh... NICU hats and bowls sound like good projects...but how about a shawl =)

Bethany said...

Congratulations on finishing another good year at school! I'm sure the kids love you! All those gifts were really sweet (and you better pace yourself on that chocolate!). Happy Summer Break!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Congrats on summer! I'm almost there! Enjoy your first week of freedom.

Barbara said...

No house chores in the next 3months then, Enjoy.

Barbara H. said...

What fun notes from your students! Yet I know teachers love the appeal of summer vacation, too. For me the best things even just as a parent are no alarm clocks and a freer schedule.

Looks like your students know you well. :-)

Susanne said...

What lovely gifts from your students! I'm just a wee bit envious of your three months off. How wonderful is that?!

snoopydogknits said...

Oh wow! Love the special pieces of writing from your students. Have a fabulous summer!! We have a good few weeks to go yet. Ros

Sharon Lynne said...

Very cute and nice post. Yes, relationships are the most important things in life. We all go through this together, and need each other!

I'm glad that you are looking forward to winding down for ((what we hope is)) the lazy days of summer.

Brenda said...

So many happy mother's day celebrations out there, yours too!

Enjoy the summer, I'm sure you have plenty of knitting projects brewing in your mind!

Gattina said...

That's wonderful that your students appreciate you, most of the teachers are always complaining about their students, lol !
Tomorrow I am off to the UK !

Marg said...

I loved this post...especially the notes from your students.
Keep knitting...I've had so much fun and love my Tuesday nights.