Friday, August 01, 2014

Fair Week

Summer weeks seem to fly by.  This last week of July just raced along, day by day.  I may be on summer break, but I've been busy doing-- busy things.  Here are my Friday Fave Fives--five events out of a busy week--just fun things.

1.  County Fair.

I love county fairs.  This week I spent a few hours volunteering to demonstrate spinning at our handweavers and spinners booth in the agricultural building.  One would not readily and immediately think of 'country' and 'Southern California' in the same setting.  But Ventura County which is adjacent to Los Angeles County has a distinctive and extensive agricultural presence in Southern California.  (Note:  if you eat strawberries in January, it's a good chance they were picked and shipped from Ventura County.  Ditto on blueberries. Or carrots and spinach. Or kale and parsley.)  So the theme of this year's fair was "A Country Fair with Ocean Air"  because, you know, Ventura County hugs the Pacific Ocean.  Think: just north of Malibu.)  Opening Day is always super busy.  During my hours of spinning, there was hardly a lull in people passing by and asking, "What are you doing?"  I enjoy talking with the kids and showing them how ALL fiber is made into 'string' which is woven or knitted into every bit of clothing they wear.

2.  It's always fun to watch the dare devils on the rides.

There is NO way in the world I am going to get on the bungee jump.  But it was thrilling to watch these jumpers get their nerve up and then jump.

See the large palm tree down in the lower left corner?  Yeah, that's how high they were.

3.  BEACH BOYS!  How appropriate it was to have the BEACH BOYS play on Thursday night on the stage across a parking lot from THE BEACH.  We sat high up in the bleachers about as far out as you can get and still be in the arena.  Behind us, we could see the waves rolling in and crashing on the sand, and in front of us, the BEACH BOYS were playing and singing Surfer Girl and Surfin' USA.

4.  I did something this week I've been promising myself I would do--for YEARS.  I wove a rug!

I haven't brought it home from my friend's studio because it is still 'on the loom'.  When the rest of the warp is used for another rug, I'll return and watch (help?) to take it off the loom and finish the edges.

5..  My youngest girl's birthday was this week.  It's birthday season here and although she is the youngest of the siblings, her birthday begins it.  Born in the interior highlands of New Guinea, in the Indonesian province of Irian Jaya (now called Papua), she spent her early years playing in the jungle and at the tropical seashore.  She's a great wife and mom and we are proud of the godly, wise woman she has become.

First beach day

Happy Birthday!

So those are the highlights of Willow's Week.


Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

I love a fair, and your pictures were great! So, you wove a rug--how neat. Happy birthday to your daughter. Have a great week ahead!

Gracie Saylor said...

What lovely favorite fives, Linda....except for the bungee jumping part, which as you noted is thrilling [terrifying!]
May God grant you dear daughter many years!

Barbara H. said...

Happy birthday to your daughter! What a neat and unique beginning she had.

We also use the term for "birthday season" from mid-July to Mid-September when most of our family has birthdays.

I could never bungee jump, either.

The rug looks neat!

ellen b. said...

Great shots from the fair! Looks like a good busy week. A very happy birthday to your youngest!

nikkipolani said...

Seemingly above the clouds even -- how high those jumpers were! Great fair shots. Any of you at your demonstrations?

Mia said...

THE BEACH BOYS! Somehow, I missed that part about the fair. So cool. :)

Faith said...

I haven't been to a fair in years!! Yours looks like it was a blast!! Bungee jumping is something on my bucket list but my chiropractor says I may want to rethink that :)
Happy Birthday to your beautiful neat that her first few years were on the mission field! Awesome that you wove a rug!! You're so creative! have a lovely week....

Kathie said...

Catching up after a busy weekend with grandbaby's arrival :) The county fair looks like such fun. However I would not want to hang upside down at that height!! I was a bit of a dare-devil as a kid but I still don't think I'd try that. It's a wonder their backs aren't put out. A very Happy Belated Birthday to your girl!

Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the Beach Boys from a perch on the beach!! Mary P