Friday, March 20, 2015

It's My Party

Spring!  It's here!  After a few really really hot days (we broke local records kind of hot), the weather has settled into 70s and sunny.  Just in time for St. Patrick's Day and Spring.  And my birthday.  So Friday Fave Fives are all about celebrating my birthday.

1.  I hit a milestone birthday this year.  My Medicare birthday.  The Medicare part isn't the fave; it's that I am thankful (and a bit amazed) that I am that old.  Thanks be to God for giving me these years!

2.  The partying started on Saturday when the texts began binging.  "We're on our way."  "We crossed the state border."  "We're here!"  Our little Princess PAL arrived with her parents entourage for a four day visit.

3.  This is The Professor's Spring Break, so we took advantage of Monday did some sightseeing in Santa Barbara and Ventura.  PAL's mom's BFF and her family joined us from Orange County.  Their girl Faith was an instant friend for me.  We walked all over Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens holding hands.  Answering questions a mile a minute, I was enchanted by her curiosity and enthusiasm.

4.  Princess PAL attained her own milestone while visiting us.  She underwent a rite of passage, Dipping Your Feet in the Ocean for the First Time.  We were honored to attend such an important and solemn ceremony.

5.  I really am a St. Patrick's Day baby.  Born on that lucky day, I love the funny cards I receive. Like this one:  "Your birthday's on St. Patrick's Day?! [insert amusing green turtle looking surprised].  Inside, the message read, "You and a saint.  Go figure."  I think my sister/cousin watches all year to find the perfect card to send me.  My day was made complete with loves and cuddles from my little PAL and phone calls from every child and grandchild.  One grandson sent me a video message wishing me a Happy Birthday.  That's really all I want--love from my family.  Well, a birthday coffee and bookstore visit were nice, too.

Oxalis Oregana
(Did you know that there is an oxalis [shamrock/clover] which is native to the Pacific Northwest/Oegon?  How appropriate that is since I am an Oregon native and very much Irish/British AND born on St. Patrick's Day.)

So, that was Willow's Week in five birthday blessings--welcome to my party!


ellen b said...

Oh what a little cutie your PAL is. How fun to see her wee feet dipped in the Pacific! Glad you got lots of love on your birthday!

Monica said...

PAL reminds me so much of our oldest when she was little. Chuck with lots of hair and so super sweet! :)
Hope you had a happy birthday!!! and a wonderful visit with your family. I always enjoy your beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the color!

Barbara H. said...

A belated happy birthday to you! I am wondering which birthday is the Medicare one? What adorable tweakable cheeks your Pal has. Love the ocean picture as well. I was in my mid-20s before I even saw the ocean, but I did grow up very near the Gulf of Mexico and saw it frequently growing up. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! Love the St. Pat's/birthday card! I didn't know they made that combination!

Faith said...

Oh your little PAL granddaughter is a cutie!! how fun to see her get her feet into the ocean! Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a blessed weekend doing the things you

Gracie Saylor said...

Belatedly...Happy Birthday :-) I'm glad you had such a lovely celebration, Linda! May the celebration continue happily through the year. Blessings xx

Julene said...

Your week was memorable and full of cuddles! First time ocean visit and a little dip are indeed solemn ceremony! :) Happy Birthday all month long!

Mereknits said...

Lots of wonderful and very cute little girl PAL photos. My son is a Halloween baby, lots of fun cards for that too. Happy Birthday.

Gattina said...

I should give it a try and put my toe in my mouth ! what a darling little girl. We are still sitting in the cold weather after some warmer days.

Susanne said...

Well, happy belated birthday to you! Lovely to have your family to celebrate with you. And the pictures of the princess are precious. Love the official "toe dipping" portrait!

snoopydogknits said...

Such a beautiful little baby! Wonderful countryside pics too! Have a greta week. Ros

Susan said...

Happy Medicare birthday, Linda!! Your birthday week was filled with lots of loving! I am so glad I've had the opportunity to "meet" you and get to know you through FFF.

The C&MA world is indeed a small world. I am fortunate to be able to work for and with such an organization.

The oxalis you showed us is such an appropriate plant for you. Do you have some of these in your own yard? As a kiddo I spent a lot of time looking for a 4 leaf clover. I wasn't usually successful.

I love getting cards for people. They are little gifts. How fun that your sister takes the time to get you the "perfect" one each year.

And hurray for getting time with your precious PAL and witnessing the "Dipping of the Toes."