Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pursuing a Simple Life

Recently, I was reading online and discovered a blog post that intrigued me.  It was titled "How to Start Living a Simple Life".  I am and have been for a very long time a simple living advocate.  I have pursued a simple life for most of my adulthood.  I have minimalist tendencies although I would not label myself a minimalist.  I like books, real books, and would not choose to downsize my personal library.  I love my garden.  I want my dirt and my shovels and seeds.  In addition, I have my yarn and needles because fiber arts give me great joy.  But simplicity is an important part of what defines my life.  At the end of that blog post, the author instructed her readers to 'stop reading and write down these five statements on a piece of paper'.

So I did.

Make your lifestyle a priority.
Slow down and enjoy every task.
Know what is important.
Connect with nature.
Make the most of today.

I'm going to keep that paper around and do those things mindfully.  My lifestyle.  Enjoy every task (even doing the laundry).  Know what is important.  Connect with nature (I love my walks and messing around in my garden!)  Make the most of my day.

What tasks did I enjoy today?  Making several batches of granola.  Finally, baking some cinnamon rolls.  Weaving in the ends of several finished knitting projects (mostly hats).  Decluttering some papers from the counter where they always seem to collect.  These are quiet everyday tasks which I sometimes avoid simply because I don't slow down and enjoy them.

I hope I've made the most of today.


Monica said...

I too have read a few books written by Rhonda Hetzel at http://down---to---earth.blogspot.com/
She's from Australia but all her great tips can be adjusted seasonally here in the US. They are short books too so they aren't hard to get through.
Good luck in your Simple Living goals... :)

Summer said...

I too am pursing a simple life ♥

Claudia Bugh said...

I'm like you Willow and enjoy a simple life. It's sometimes hard when work pressures can be overwhelming but I'm fortunate and that comes and goes and I have to keep that in mind. Thank you for the reminder to make cinnamon rolls, that sounds perfect for this time of year! Enjoy your walks, reading, planting and baking :)

Gracie Saylor said...

It seems to me you are simply successful! Thanks for the encouragement. xx

Karen said...

I, too, am drawn to the simple life, but haven't always been that way. In the past I've been a collector of 'things.' Now, it doesn't appeal to me so much, it seems like too much clutter. However, my books -- now that's another story!

Mereknits said...

I am a collector of yarn, but other than that and a few things that were handed down in my family I can do away with most that I have.
I like your five statements to remember.

Wendy said...

Wise words

Kathie said...

Very wise words Willow and a type of lifestyle that I appreciate as well. I'm always drawn to the minimalist lifestyle although like you, I wouldn't classify myself as a purist. It's a challenge to be mindful,(and grateful too) in each moment but it leads to deeper contentment in life. I like the 5 statements and I'll be thinking them over. Thanks!! I'm glad I read this entry :)