Friday, August 17, 2018

Mid August Swelter

Hello, Friday!
I'm a bit late writing up my Friday Fave Fives.  AND I missed last Friday.  The good news is--I'm not dead.  I've just been busier than I like to be.  How did retirement get so busy??

1.  Last Friday, we kidnapped The Professor's sister again and dragged her off to the county fair.  We also invited friends who enjoy good music, so we sat through more Brady Goss performances.  In between, we wandered through the various exhibits.  Obviously, I love the home arts building.  And the photography building.  We drove home and sleep well that night.  I love me a good fair. (Should the deep sleep of exhaustion count as a separate fave?)

Of course, the main entrance building has to have that California mission look, complete with bell and tower and red tile roof.

Everyone loves a ferris wheel!

2.  The next morning, Saturday, we added our nephew The Lawyer to the caravan and drove east to the very, very hot San Bernardino County to celebrate a grandnephew's birthday.  He's eight this year.  Another great night's sleep!

3.  We've had more hot weather.  As I am typing this, the AC just kicked in.  Again.  God bless the man who invented the air conditioner!

4.  I'm working my way through my unfinished knitting projects.  Finally, I did the i-cord edgings on this vest.  For those who care, it's knitted with Heartland acrylic yarn on size 9 needles.  The pattern, Many Buttoned Vest, was too large for me, so I had to make some adjustments to the number of stitches.  But it all worked out ok.  Of course, it's too hot to wear a vest right now, but I'll feel very snuggly in it once the weather cools down.  You may notice that there are NO buttons on it.  That's because the buttons are ornamental.  You find a button you like, you sew it on wherever you want.  I'll be searching for my favorite buttons!

5.  I  love coffee dates with friends.  The past two weeks, I've enjoyed iced coffees with one long time college buddy and another friend who I am just now getting to know.

Oh! A bonus! Happy Independence Day to the Republic of Indonesia! Selamat Merdeka!

So, that's Willow's Week (or two) succinctly summed up in five bullet points.  How are you!


Gracie Saylor said...

Have just caught up again on your news and am so glad you have had safe and interesting travels and good visits with family and friends. Your vest is lovely! Our county fair is going on now too. I am not going to make it there this year...but I enjoyed what you shared of yours :) The air quality has been poor recently and we had a long stretch of hot weather like yours, but today I am thanking the Lord for much cooler temps and fresher air. Happy weekend!

susan said...

I got my fair fix from your post. :) It is nice, though, to share things we love with people we love. On that note how fun to have two coffee dates. I don't usually drink coffee at home (no coffee maker),so coffee is a treat.

Yes, I am grateful for the AC, too. It is 8:49am and our AC just turned on. Yes, definitely a sound, refreshing sleep counts as a fave.

Thanks for showing us your vest. It is inspiring to hear and see other's UFP's (UnFinished Projects).

Selamat Merdeka! Thanks for the time you invested in Indonesia. I bet you and the people you connected with all blessed memories.

nikkipolani said...

Swelter is just the right word! The humidity means I’m drenched within minutes. Glad you spent time w family even if some of that was spent sweltering. That is one gorgeous vest — love love love the color.

ellen b. said...

Woohoo for air conditioning! Glad you slept well after your busy outings. Hoping for cooler days ahead...

Rowan Tree Cottage said...

What a beautiful vest. The colour and pattern are gorgeous! Well done for finishing. I'm still on my stash busting- yarn and fabric. So many things have loitered for so long, while I did newer ideas. Here we have some cool weather thankfully. The heat was drying up the forest and people were warned not to have bonfires in their gardens.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

It's been crazy hot here in New England. So humid. We just turn on the AC and try not to move too much.

Susanne said...

Yes, thank you to the guy who invented ac. We've had some pretty hot weather, even setting a new record! Glad you had some fun at the fair.

Sandra said...

Bonito tricot. Feliz dia. Cumprimentos.

Tracy said...

Sooo NICE to catch up with you, Willow! WOW--that vest is the color of the yarn and the tweddy look, beautiful cabling. It has been a long, sizzling summer--even here! We don't have a/c...most home don't. It may be coming though, if we continue to hav summers like this one. We've been using fans, and have been thankful for those. We're really looking forward to the cooler days of autumn. :) ((HUGS))