Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Intelligent Design and Mortality

I am enjoying my Precepts class in Genesis. As part of discussing Gen. 1, the teacher has been presenting a lot of material about intelligent design and the philosophy of various scholars, both evolutionary and creationist. I'm pleased that I have been able to follow and understand even a part of the discussions and videos. I have been struck by the scientific research and thought of the authors of The Privileged Planet. Can't remember their names. But I have learned a lot in the three weeks of class. In particular, I have been thinking a lot about just how awesome is the Creator God of the universe.

On another note, I heard tonight that my uncle passed away yesterday morning. While I was not particularly close to him, I really like my cousins. And since our Trigg side of the family is very funeral-oriented (meaning everyone in the family thinks it's important for family to attend), I will be flying to Oregon to attend the funeral. It's also a great excuse to go visit my favorite brother.

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