Thursday, October 27, 2005

a quiet week

It seems that our neighborhood has been having a quiet week. At least, I haven't noticed any unusual activity in the hood. This evening driving home from Watts about 9pm, we noticed a couple of LACoSheriff car driving quickly in a purposeful manner and several cars driving more quickly than usual on side streets, so we wondered if something was coming down in the Imperial Courts area.
On one hand I am pleased when things are quiet here in Pueblo. I can rest better with a lower stress level. On the other hand, I wonder what's happening that I don't hear about. Since our street is off the main residential area we don't always know what's happening. The only things of interest on our street today were the neighbor pastor coming over to ask what the code is for the new gate lock and I had to call the neighbor who put it on to ask him; a shirtless older man walked by our gate as I was relocking it when we came home and he said, "Buenos noches, senora." and I replied, "Good evening," in English. The interesting parts about the latter are just that he was shirtless and it is a little cold (why?) and that I responded in English which I usually don't. I think he made me nervous for some reason.
I have to say that I had a wonderful time in Oregon even though the occasion of my visit wasn't joyful except in the sense that my uncle is now happily fully healthy and with Jesus and his wife. I love visiting Oregon and staying with Jim and Julene, who spoiled me with lovely food and a visit to Bonneville Hot Springs Resort. Who wouldn't want to go to Oregon and be treated like a princess?

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