Sunday, March 19, 2006


Friday was my St. Patrick's Day birthday and I have to admit that I really like birthdays. All year long I look forward to my birthday. I don't pretend it isn't important to me and it's so much fun to get cards and phone calls.
All my kids, my brother and my sister in law called me. Two other sils emailed me and several friends sent cards and gifts. I love the little wristlet DB purse from Kristie. I know she chose it in self preservation b/c I always say, "Can you carry my keys in your purse for me?" when we're walking on The Strand most every week. Debbie found a book titled Knitting, which is a novel set in Adelaide, Australia. I have already finished reading it. Julene sent down a navy Nike jacket which I love and I've already worn a couple of times.
Debbie and I went to Long Beach Farmers Market and then to lunch. I worked at Watts in the afternoon and when I got home I found out my street was blocked because the LAFD and LACoSheriffs were trying to pull a man out from under the metro train because he had tried to beat the train at the crossing at 55th and didn't. The train was stuck on the tracks for more than two hours and John and Mia were sitting in a train at San Pedro station so I drove up and got them in the nasty Friday night traffic and took Mia to the Green line station to get back to Biola. So it was too late to cook the asparagus, buttermilk mashed potatoes and salmon I had planned for dinner. We ate soup instead and I fixed the dinner on Saturday night.

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