Thursday, March 02, 2006


I went for a walk on The Strand in Manhattan Beach this afternoon with Kristie. The temperature was high 60s, the sun was shining, and the ocean was blue. It was a near perfect day in Southern California. After I left MB, I had an hour to myself so on a whim I turned right onto Grand and went up into El Segundo, got an iced coffee at Our Daily Grind and drove back down to Dockweiler Beach and just sat in the car and watched the ocean and listened to the waves and the gulls. The beach is my absolute favorite place to relax and I truly felt refreshed after my half hour of writing thank you notes to supporters and enjoying the scene.


Melissa P. said...

Hi Deb's mom. I wish my mom could blog like you do. Since it is apparent that you know html, why don't you have working links?

P.S. I admire you for living in South Central LA. I'd be too chicken to live there. In fact, I'm almost too chicken to live in Anaheim where I do now.

Willow said...

Thanks Melissa. One thing to remember about the inner city is that 95% of the people just want to live and get ahead. The trick is avoiding a confrontation with the 5%.
Actually, Deb showed me how to do the links but I have forgotten and haven't taken the time to look for the answer. I'm just going to wait until I see Deb again and have her show me. Talk about lazy.