Monday, February 27, 2006

This Week

The past week I've done several interesting things.

1. On Friday Mia and I drove up to Camarillo to look at the church where she wants to get married--Camarillo Evangelical Free Church. It's a beautiful Spanish style building and the only problems I see are no center isle and no reception facility available. Afterward we visited the beautiful Catholic church across the street and after a lovely tour of the church we found out that since neither Mia nor Tim are Catholic they are not allowed to be married in a Catholic church. Then we went to see Martha. Beth was gone but Steve came home from work/dinner so we got to see him. As always, Martha amazed me with her tales of getting free food from grocery stores by using coupons. I don't know of anyone who does it better than Mart. At one point I mentioned that I wanted a Brita and Martha got this look on her face and said, "I think I have one..." She had two she had bought four years ago because it was cheaper to get a whole Brita on sale than buy the replacement filters. So now I have a new Brita. John bought some filters and we have nice water to drink. Thanks, Martha!

2. Yesterday I finished sewing up my pink mohair sweater that I knitted from copying an AF sweater with hood that Mia bought at a thrift store. I'm wearing it today and I really like it. Yesterday I also rewrote an afghan pattern that I made a few years ago. I think there was a mistake in the original pattern so I knitted a swatch and then rewrote it because a friend wants to borrow some patterns to make an afghan.

3. John and I had lunch on Saturday with my cousin Dan and his wife Peg. They are missionaries with Baptist Mid Missions. They lived in Mexico for 20 years and now Dan is the director of Hispanic church planting in the US for BMM. It was good to see him. I took my photo album of old family photos. Dan enjoyed reminiscing and I laughed because he identified EVERY car that we had owned.

4. Saturday night Andrea came over and we watched five old Dick VanDyke Show episodes. I'm amazed at the FACES Dick could make. I recommend the shows to anyone who wants to laugh hysterically.

5. I high scored in Collapse tonight. 443,904, which beats Travis's score from last Thanksgiving.

OK, so my life is really boring. But it's MY life.

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