Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Reverend Dan

Dan is now an ordained minister.

He attended the ordination council with six other men and after two hours of conferring, testimonies and questions, all seven men and one woman were ordained in an hour plus long ceremony. At least there wasn't a sermon--just lots of prayers which I found quite nice. Each council member prayed for each candidate and then sometimes elders, family members prayed for the candidate, too. John offered a very nice and appropriate prayer for his son. And, of course, we are very, very proud of Dan!

After the ceremony, Mike D, Will, Mia, Dan, John and I went to Denny's for a celebration dinner, mostly because only Dan had had any dinner. Dan couldn't eat because he was scheduled for a physical for the Army at 5am this morning. We enjoyed referring to Dan as Rev. Dan much to his "annoyance".

Soooo, after 3 hours of sleep, Dan and I drove to West LA and I dropped him off at MEPS and sat in a Starbuck's parking lot until it opened at 5:30. At 7 Dan called to report that prior service people have to have their medical waiver (Dan needs one for his eyesight) in hand BEFORE the physical--which was news to everyone including the chaplain recruiter. Anyway, we'll have to go back again a morning at 5am, hopefully sooner rather than later.

After a stop at LA Co. Hall of Records in Norwalk (yes, we have driven ALL over Los Angeles today!) to get a certified birth certificate for him, we went to the bank and the post office in Whittier. I dropped him off and drove home. I couldn't go to sleep because I had a physical therapy appointment at 2pm.

Now I am home from PT and waiting to hear from John. We are invited to a BBQ and Gospel concert practice for the Japanese Gospel Choir and Firm Soundations, Ray Sidney's group. We'll see if I'm recovered from PT and still awake when John gets home.

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