Friday, February 03, 2006

Halloween? Guy Fawkes?

Last night someone parked a car in front of the business next door to our house and lit it on fire. My neighbor heard the tires popping and his dog barking so he got up to check, saw the flames and called the fire dept. I woke up when the fire truck sounded its siren (probably at the cross street), and when I saw the flashing lights so close, I got up to investigate.

Why would someone light a fire in a car? Maybe because he was mad at the owner, or had stolen the car and wanted to get rid of fingerprints... who knows?

Anyway, we now have a burned out car on our block. I just saw a parking enforcement car out there so maybe the city will remove it as it is blocking Song's Ironworks driveway.

A word in praise of Los Angeles Fire Fighters--they came quietly, they quickly put out the fire and made sure that all the flames stayed out, left just as quietly. They are true heroes.

Which leads me to mention that my nephew Bobby Price is scheduled to take theLA fire department physical exam on Monday! This means he passed firefighter school and the background check. I am soooo proud of him. Way to go, Bob!


Kiti said...

Ooooo, fiiiiire! I like fire!

But not in cars near my mommy's house.

Willow said...

We are pretty sure it was a stolen car, torched to get rid of evidence. Tim's car was parked outside Friday night, but no one bothered it. We were a little bit concerned. Now Tim's car is at Watts Center. Next weekend we'll take his and Nate's cars to Gerry's ranch.