Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ventura County Country

During the weekend just past, we took a four day hiatus from inner city living, and we went up to Oxnard to stay in the Beach House. On the way we stopped at the Gerry Ranch, owned by the Gerry family and operated by our good friends, Will and Joy. The Ranch is a delightful place to visit and we go as often as we can. We've actually lived on The Ranch on two different occasions, and whenever we visit, it seems like we're going...home.

After a quick lunch we jumped (climbed really) into the hyper golf cart and took a ride to the top of the ranch to get a view of where we were heading to the beach in Oxnard.

Through the new blueberry field where the university is doing a study...
up the hills to the overlook where we can see almost forever across the Santa Rosa Valley and the Gerry Ranch... along narrow tracks...
to the top of the world.

Thanks, Will and Joy, for a great visit!

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Jen said...

Thanks for the pictures, Mrs. Price! I grew up in Ventura County, so it's nice to see glimpses of home. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!