Monday, February 18, 2008

Day Off

Since it is President's Day, I have the day off from kindergarten. This is a good thing because we had overnight company last night. Long time friends, two adults and four children from Oregon. A wonderful time was had by all. In fact, it was so good, I didn't take a single photograph. We've known this family for 17 years and watched them add five children to their family, take a major step of faith and leave their home, family and friends and make a journey similar to ours, but their journey was to Central Asia. I always feel like they are us, only a half generation later--our families are so much alike. Anyway, we took a walk to let the kids run off a bit of energy, fed the crew bbqed hamburgers, salad, mac cheese and ice cream, and then we settled in to talking for hours, playing Set, letting the older girls watch "Pride and Prejudice", looking at lots of photos of their travels in the -istan countries. We sent them on their way this morning with hugs, waves and a good breakfast. A little bit of our hearts always go with them!

My day off was spent doing laundry, walking with my buddy, puttering around. I poked around in my photos and just wasn't inspired by any of my pictures. Do you ever have days like this?

Maybe I just need to go take another walk here

or here

to clear my brain.


ellen b. said...

Beautiful shots Willow!

Elizabeth said...

Yes.......a walk on the beach can cure almost all that ails us.

kari and kijsa said...

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She is turning 40!!!

Please stop by the party on Wednesday to mingle a bit, say hi to the surprised (hopefully!) birthday girl, enjoy a bite of cake, sprinkle a little of your magic birthday dust, and check out the party favor giveaway!


Jane said...

Beautiful photo's Willow, i'd love to share the walk with you too. Jane x

roxie said...

Ah, it's that hiatus - that quiet mental stillness that hits after the achievement of a long pursued goal. Toss the stash and photograph the yarn. Or take the camera to the grocery store. Or use the macro function to study light and shadows in the back yard. Or, . . . Your inspirations are all there. They are simply re-organizing themselves.

Heather said...

Oh that darn laundry. How nice to have such family friends. Did I say I'm jealous of that beach?

Lovella ♥ said...

I absolutely have days like this. . .sometimes it seems we should have a blogging national holiday. . I did enjoy your pictures though .. .

Anonymous said...

I think I could use some of that beach, too! So glad you got to spend time with long time friends.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Ah yes, the beach is a good place to go if the day seems uninspired.

I'm doing my laundry today...a dreary, gray Tuesday.

And catching up on my blog reading.

Enjoy your week!

Elizabeth said...

Dear Willow,
I've only just taken in that you are a kindergarten teacher.
I was a high School English teacher - but now I'm retired I sometimes help out at the American School in kindergarten.
I love that age group.
Also I long to hear more about Indonesia.Perhaps there's a book there?

Bethany said...

Totally... I have those days. But everyone needs days off! Sounds like a very fun weekend!

Barbara said...

Beautiful and calm.