Tuesday, February 08, 2011


On my journey to and from Manhattan Beach today, I drove the Pacific Coast Highway.

I saw two film locations.  Going in both directions, I also spotted police cars and trucks mounted with large cameras.  I'm wondering what movies were being filmed.

Passing the military base, I glanced over to see men in military camis shooting weapons at targets.

Traffic slowed as we passed the three rock/mud slides that closed PCH for several days in January.  There were bicyclists in the bike lanes.

Pepperdine University still has a humungous green lawn stretching from the highway up the hill to the main campus buildings.

Unfortunately, Malibu Beach Shack at Trancas Canyon Road appears to be closed.  The building is for sale.

The sea--ahhh, the surf was relaxed and moderately calm.  The atmosphere was hazy which blurred the horizon between sea and sky.

Altogether, it was a lovely day for a drive along the Pacific Ocean.  Not bad for a Tuesday.


Jane said...

Sounds perfect. Jane x

roxie said...

Thanks for bringing us along!

ellen b. said...

I was wondering about those mud slides. All my trips to that part of Mugu I never saw activity or any camo of any kind. Glad you had a nice drive and observations.

Bethany said...

Do you realize how lucky you are???? ;)

ancient one said...

perfect day.. love your word pictures..

Tanja from Minimalist Packrat said...

How lovely! I love lazy day trips driving around slow and opening my eyes to "see" the world around me instead of rushing from point a to point b. Thanks for sharing this Willow! Maybe I need to go on a little beach drive today....