Monday, July 25, 2011

A Promise Fulfilled--Descanso Gardens

This visit was not our first one to Descanso Gardens.  Four years ago, we spent a day there with Mia to celebrate The Professor's birthday.  You can see the posts I wrote at that time here and here if you care.

This year, we skipped the rose garden and focused most of our time on the California native section.  But the entire garden still drew us in and fascinated us.

near the entrance

japanese gate

oak tree canopies

Everything from the mundane green beans spiraling up an inverted tomato cage

to exotic lilies

to unusual tree blossoms blooming concurrently with little buds and shriveled pods

to tree needles that simply caught my attention.

And that doesn't include the CA natives or Theodore Payne Nursery because I don't want to overload the senses with too many intoxicating photos in one post. 

Payne Nursery coming soon.


ellen b. said...

Great shots Willow. Descanso Gardens are a treasure...

Caroline said...

Welcome home! Your grandson is sooooo cute! Loved his little sweater. I haven't been to Descanso for ages, but I always have enjoyed it, even before I was so interested in plants. You've made me remember that I need to put Descanso back on my list. I hadn't hear Pt. Dume before, but now I want to visit there too!

nikkipolani said...

Lovely photos, Willow! I think Descanso is my favorite garden to visit. So many lovely gems to discover in each season.

Unknown said...

Very cantik! I love those lilies but they never behave in my garden.

Bethany said...

It is gorgeous there! Thanks for sharing all of your photos... I think I may be intoxicated! I'm like you, I get so enraptured by the small details of the foliage or the textures and colors and patterns. The weather looks like it was perfect!