Thursday, November 03, 2011

Slow and Simple

Slow and simple.  That best describes this past week. 

1. Logging slow miles.  Actually, to be precise, I logged a mile.  Each day this week, I've walked a little farther, and on Wednesday, I walked ONE mile.

2. Last week, I mentioned that I have been knitting hats.  I posted about the Chicago food bank which will be giving away 1,000 or more hats to children who attend the Christmas party the first week of December.  I just cast on stitches for Hat #10.  My goal is to send twenty hats.  If you are interested in helping by knitting or crocheting hats, check out my post HERE.  Simple knitting can reap wonderful warm benefits.

3. Santa Ana Winds would not normally be on my faves lists because, well, it's windy.  On Wednesday the Santa Anas blew gusts up to 40 miles per hour from the desert to the ocean.  What I enjoyed was the aftermath, not the blown leaves, the downed power lines at The Professor's university, or the small fire that burned at the side of the freeway, but the crystal clear air that resulted from everything dusty and hazy being blown away.  A simple thing like a beautiful day makes me happy.

4. A simple lullaby.  My older daughter, mama of my New Boy, wrote this post yesterday about her singing a song to him as she tucks him in at night.  I loved it.  Made me cry.  And miss him.  He's growing so fast.  It is probably time to knit him another new sweater.

Gratuitous photo of him modeling the sweater I gave him in July.

5. Simple meals.  Warning: if you are an enthusiastic cook, maybe you should skip this one.  Because I've been fighting a cold (and mostly losing the battle), my interest in preparing exciting dinners has been at a low low low ebb.  This was dinner one evening this week:  leftover brown rice with canned organic black beans dumped on the top.  The Professor steamed some broccoli to accompany his meal and added barbeque sauce and green salsa.  I went the minimalist route--before I microwaved my bowl of rice and beans, I threw fresh spinach on top and heated everything together then topped it with the green salsa.  It was a very simple yet tasty and delicious dinner.  (Ellen, I warned you!)  But we followed it with chocolate so perhaps the lack of forethought and preparation can be forgiven.

There you have it.  Willow's very quiet and simple Week in Five Faves.  I've linked up with Susanne's Friday Fave Five as usual.

How about you? Was your week complicated or simple?


Caroline said...

I've been far too busy latley, and have missed reading your wonderful posts. Loved your daughter's post, and your "new boy" is more darling in every pic of him you post. Thanks for a nice couple of minutes of calm, happy thoughtfulness.

nikkipolani said...

Simple meals are GOOD when you're feeling low and unmotivated! I had a similar week with one epiphany: quinoa with roasted walnut oil is fantastic. Hope you are better soon. You can foist gratuitous photos of your boy any time!

ellen b. said...

Girlfriend! I love beans and rice and adding broccoli is good. green salsa...yes. Barbecue I make meals like this more than you know. I just don't post photos LOL!
New Boy is so handsome.
Now I'm hopping over to read the bedtime lullaby post after I grab a tissue.

Tracy said...

Oh, no... you're on the low ebb too, Willow?! So am I. I've had a nasty cold all week, and it's not budging one bit. Cooking has been ultra simple here too. I think hubby, who is well thankfully, is very tired of soup...LOL... Hoping you'll be feeling better very soon! :o) Congrats on all the hat knitting. And give us a bit of New Boy whenever you like... he's grown sooo BIG! ((HUGS))

Bethany said...

I always try to keep things simple and we do a lot of rice and salsa or quinoa with home-canned tomatoes! I'm not so sure you should be eating chocolate with a cold though! ;) I hope you feel better soon. The fact that you're walking so far is really great! I'm with you on loving beautiful days... I'm much happier and therefore productive. Your grandson is just plain adorable and I'm sure you miss him. Do you Skype? We do that occasionally with my parents in Ohio.

Kathie said...

I think I'm the queen of simple and leftovers. My dh and I love them - we'll eat chicken dinner for 3 or 4 days in a row and are as happy as clams doing so.

Good for you on the walking!

I wish I could sit and knit with you - I seem to have trouble with dropping and adding stitches. I'm not sure anyone would wear a hat I make!

Your cute grandson looks very much like you do.

Hope you're feeling better soon Willow!

justcallmerie said...

Love that little green sweater!

Congrats on the one mile mark.

Barbara H. said...

Hurray for progress, in both walking and knitting!

Simple meals really hit the spot some times.

Robin said...

Your daughter's post made me cry too! So precious - these little ones. So precious - the Father's love for us. So precious - the important words of old hymns that renew our souls.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

When I have a cold, I like spicy things -- your rice and beans sounds good to me!

I've been too, too busy lately, and things are slowing down -- thank goodness!

Loved the post about the lullaby. And I sure wish I could come over and sit with you of an evening and learn how to knit a hat!

Jerralea said...

Good for you on walking a mile!

The new boy looks handsome in that sweater!

Susanne said...

LOL. I sorta like beans and rice so that would not bother me a bit for a meal. I know what you mean about a darn cold making cooking not so appealing. I've had the same thing for over 2 weeks now and cooking has been hard!

So glad you are back to walking!

Barbara said...

Great sweater on blue boy.