Sunday, December 09, 2012


It's much too late this weekend to post Friday Fave Fives, but still I want to write about Five Favorites.  It's good discipline to focus on Gratitude all the time, not just at Thanksgiving and not just on Friday.

1.  My Christmas celebrations began last week when my Army Reserve Chaplain son changed back into his civvies.  He's home.

2.  Then the festivities continued.  Number Two Son flew safely halfway around the world and is currently very soundly asleep in the guest room bed.  Plane was on time, parking at LAX was a breeze, and #2 Son will be here for Christmas.

3.  A class project resulted in this cinquain (with a slight change by me):

The Grinch
Grumpy as Scrooge
Stole, hid lights and presents
Sad and mad at Christmas and Whos
Changed heart

4.  Several lines on my To Do List were crossed off, the majority of them knitting projects.  Some of the hats in this photo are packaged and ready to be mailed off to Chicago to warm the heads of children there.  Others were sold and the proceeds are designated for Generate Hope.

5.  I received a discount on books I purchased this week because I am a teacher.  I had forgotten about it and so it was a happy and unexpected surprise.

What are you thankful for this week?


Tracy said...

Such pretty hats! I love charity knitting too, though I've not done as much lately. In my knitting bag is actually crochet--mastered the granny square at last. Better late than never. ;o) Christmas prep dominates at the moment, as well as creative projects. For the past two years we've not been doing a tree, and not this year either. With our living room being half art studio now we have not enough space for a big tree. We don't miss it though, actually. With some twinkle lights strung up here & there, lots of extra candles it's pretty cozy enough. Less is more for us. :o) Anyways, Happy Holy and Holly-Days, Willow ((HUGS))

nikkipolani said...

Wow, you've made some fun hats. And having the to do list shortened is a fave for sure. So glad your boys are home for the holidays.

Marg said...

Looks like you are really feeling the excitement in the air of your family being home for Christmas.
I like your theme of gratitude.
I can almost read your pattern from here as I look at your touques. I have so enjoyed learning to knit again, but have much to learn, regarding size of needles and tension. I wish you were closer.

ellen b. said...

Yippee for your boys being back in the states! A very nice assortment of hats!

Julene said...

The hats are so pretty! How about tiny hats as Christmas tree ornaments? And...American Doll size, then you could sell them all year long!
So good to hear the boys are home!
I am thankful for each day...and how it unfolds like a gift! There are lots of surprises that delight!

Gracie Saylor said...

I am grateful for food, water, clothing, shelter, fellowship, beauty and the ability to appreciate all the afore mentioned :). I am grateful that I was able to crochet a snowflake and some stars and that I met you in cyberspace and can celebrate the making of your beautiful hats and the coming home of your sons and the coming of the Prince of Peace into the world.
xx from Gracie

Bethany said...

I'm thankful that YOU are spending the holidays with your boys! That makes me happy! We just watched the Grinch this past weekend so the cinquain was very appropriate-- tell them they did a great job! I love your hats too... so will the recipients. I'm thankful that I can see the sun these past couple days and I'm thankful for God's love.

susan said...

Your class poem made me smile. I bet everyone enjoyed this collaboration. Do you write poetry on your own? I've written a couple and it doesn't come easily.

AWESOME that your boys are home. That sure does complete the holiday.

I also enjoyed looking at your festive hats. You sure are prolific, hats and stockings!