Thursday, August 22, 2013

Changing Seasons

Counting down the days now until we were in full school routine mode.  This semester, for once, The Professor will have the same teaching hours every day.  I won't have to carry his schedule around in my pocket to know whether I can call him.  My days will be the same again this year as last.  Work at home Monday and Tuesday,  teach in two different cities Wednesday and Thursday.  This week we cherished our last days of 'freedom' even as we prepared for the months ahead.  These are my Friday Fave Fives for this week before our lives abruptly shift gears again.

1.  We attended the annual faculty dinner sponsored by the university library staff.  It's a gentle way to return to the academic year.  As always, dinner was served buffet style in one of the hidden courtyards at the back of the library.  And as always, we dipped fruit bits into the chocolate fountain and chatted with other faculty families.

2.  That man of mine knows how to take care of me.  One morning this week I woke to an empty house since he was already out the door.  I was covered with an extra blankie cuz he knows I get cold.  When I wandered stumbled into the kitchen, there was a hot latte waiting for me.  Yeah, he takes good care of me.

3.  I braved the LA freeways one day to visit a friend.  It's always a fave when I'm NOT stuck in traffic down there for hours.

4.  Have you heard of this restaurant?  Le Pain Quotidien.  When you have lunch there on the patio under the umbrellas and the flower baskets sway a bit in the breeze and taste that wonderful bread and scrumptious soup, you feel like you just might be in France, not Manhattan Beach.

5.  I know I mention it often, but I *heart* my local farmers market.  Every Saturday, 50 weeks a year, 8am-12:30pm.  The best fruit.  The best hummus and pita chips.  The best organic cucumbers.  Lettuce. Bok choy.  Kale.  Green beans.   Broccoli.  I could go on and on.  And on.  That farmers market is a weekly blessing.

Is your schedule changing?  I hope you find the blessings in each changing week and season.


nikkipolani said...

You had me sighing on that last fave -- 50 weeks of fresh fruits and vegs?!? I think that would make my fives each week!

Glad you've had a soft start to the year and that your husband's schedule is a little easier to remember.

Tracy said...

Hope the new scholastic year is great one for you you & The Professor! So wonderful you have a farmers market that's available all year round...treats! Tending our little veggie patch has given us much food for the soul as well as the body this summer. Happy Days, Willow ((HUGS))

ellen b. said...

My schedule will change dramatically and not because of seasons but because dear daughter of mine is moving in for 6 months or so...all dependent on the Marine Corp.
It's great to have a man that takes care of you. :)
Blessings on your new teaching year!

Hazel said...

Dipping fruit bits in a chocolate fountain in a hidden courtyard does not sound like a faculty dinner but something you may find in charming novel, at least to me. Ahhh so lovely! I'd visit a place like Le Pain Quotidien first chance I get. Great faves.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great schedule. My college son has one night class this year and he is not excited about it. :-) But I have to keep a copy of his schedule, too, to know when it is ok to call or text him.

That faculty dinner sounds lovely, as does the restaurant. How thoughtful of your husband to make sure you were warmed inside and out!

My schedule should, hopefully, be a lot quieter when my son's classes start next week. Not that he is noisy, he's not, but it has been such a super-busy summer that I'm hoping the fall will be less eventful.

Jerralea said...

I'm a tad envious of your farmer's market. Here they only have it in summer on Thursday - during my working hours!

Your schedule sounds like the best of both worlds!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

He sure DOES take good care of you! I'm jealous, too, of your farmer's market. You'd think in FL we could find such things, but not so much.

Have a great week ahead!

Susanne said...

How wonderful that your farmer's market is open almost the whole year. Ours is probably done by the end of September. What a sweet hubby to take such good care of you! May you both have a great start to your new school year.

Bethany said...

I think you're very brave to drive the LA freeways!!! I am actually looking forward to being back into the school schedule (today)! Maybe because I know I only have two more years of "the first day of school". We had a good year of growing at our CSA this year and I'm hoping we'll still get produce into October as usual. Even though our Farmer's Market is open year 'round, the produce isn't abundant like it is now so your photo reminded me not to take it for granted! Happy School Year Willow!!!

Monica said...

I only wish I could get great produce 50 weeks out of the year! How much easier it would be to eat fresh and whole! That Man of yours sounds like a Wonderful Man! Hope your academic year is a smooth one!