Wednesday, October 02, 2013

A Work In Progress

WIP in the knitting universe means a Work in Progress.  This is my current WIP.  (I admit, it's one of the three or four WIPs on my knitting needles right now.)

Pure and Simple Babies Neck down Cardigan
Size 12 months but the gauge is smaller so I'm guessing it's maybe 8-9 months
Debbie Bliss ecobaby yarn (100% organic cotton)
Size 6US needles to accommodate the recommended gauge

This is pure delight to knit for several reasons.  It's a simple pattern I've made numerous times so I don't need to 'think' about it.  There are NO seams to sew.  As for the yarn, it slides sweetly through my fingers onto the needles.  The recipient is a relative-- a cousin's grandbaby.

Win, win, win, win.


ellen b. said...

Happy for your delight...

Bethany said...

It's going to be very pretty!

roxie said...

Oh the joy when the yarn is sensual and the pattern is simple! The work grow as if by magic.

Marg said...

Oh I love the yarns and patters of Debbie. It does look simple...even a beginner can detect that.
Yes, I did take my knitting along. I love it. Now we are learning Fair Isle knitting. I am making a simple head band. My 'entralac' blanket is half finished. I have several WIP projects. Gives variety.