Thursday, October 24, 2013


Absent With Out Notice
Oops.  I didn't mean to be gone.  It just happened.  Life was busy around Willow's Cottage what with jobs and life, and we took a couple of trips to the south.  It was a great two weeks but you know how it is--it gets tiring running around and having fun.  I definitely chalked up the blessings during these two weeks.  I'm sharing them here and on Friday Fave Five.

1. The main reason we were in San Diego was to celebrate a certain seven year old's birthday with a Bat Girl Party.  Happy Birthday, ZG!  We are so very thankful that you are in our family and we will be able to celebrate your birthday every year forever.

2. While we were in San Diego that weekend, we decided to drive up to Julian.  Julian is a sweet little town east of San Diego, up in the mountains.  Julian is over 4,000 feet in elevation and therefore has actual real seasons.  In October, there are pumpkins and yellow leaves and horses standing in golden fields.

3. The days in San Diego were wonderful.  Playing hide and seek--

"I'm hiding!"

Playing cars

 Finishing Christmas stockings

Knitting Pink Socks

4. Then The Boy and his mama met us in Los Angeles.  What do you do when the family is together?  We visit museums.  A little back story here would help.  When my younger daughter was in college, she was an anthropology major.  Her close friend and classmate is now employed at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum in Exposition Park.  So we enjoyed a special tour of labs at the museum.

Their favorite find?  Coprolites  (common name:  fossiled animal poop)
Such kids.

Then we were off to the Page Museum at the La Brea Tar Pits.  (This is where my daughter worked during her internship)

 skeletons and skulls

Dire cat skulls

Finally we ended the day the way we love--eating Indonesian food!

This is the only food photo I caught because I was too busy eating rice, veggies and peanut sauce.  The dish in the picture is a special chicken soup called soto ayam.  Note the TWO spoons--you just gotta share!

5. Our final day together was at the Getty Center.  Oh we love that place!  There is just So. Much. To. See.  Check out the permanent and special exhibits here.

Even the buildings and autumn leaves are breathtaking!

So this is why I disappeared for two weeks.  We were making memories.  Did you make memories this week?


LivingforGod said...

I enjoyed reading your list and looking at all the pictures. Sounds like you had lots of fun. Those are cool stockings! I have never had Indonesian food but it looks similar to Thai food.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Hazel said...

Wonderful memories - "I'm hiding!" I saw you! That was fun :) I enjoyed looking at your photos. Fabulous corn! The Christmas stockings are really lovely.


Faith said...

Love these photos!! Yay for making memories....LOVE those Christmas socks!!! Enjoy a relaxing weekend

Kathie said...

There's nothing sweeter than making memories with family. And playing with grandchildren! Such fun. Josie's favourite right now is story-time. This librarian nannie loves it!

It's very cool that you can drive up a mountain and find an entirely different climate. Such a foreign idea to me. You can have the best of seasons that way. Fall and summer :)

My boys would have thought they were in heaven if they could visit that dinosaur museum. They were obsessed with dinosaurs when they were little. Especially our middle boy. He never read fiction - just dinosaur and whale books. Funny that he turned out to be a song-writer and musician - I expected a scientist :)

Glad you had such a nice break with your loved ones. And hope you get some time to rest up this weekend. xo

Anonymous said...

Would love to see Julian....and the Getty center....and....So glad you were with your dear grandchildren. Mary

Monica said...

sounds like a wonderful time had by all! I love little ones birthday parties! such fun! I really enjoyed all the pictures in your post. I just have to learn to knit! those stockings look beautiful!

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great two week! I love the Batgirl Party idea! It's neat to have those personal connections to the museums.

Jerralea said...

I totally understand being gone to make memories. So was I!

Looks like you had tons of fun. I would like to visit Julian!

The New Boy is growing so fast! I remember when he was ... well, new!

The photo of your soup looked sort of like the Chipotle Pumpkin soup I tried ... I love soups - especially chicken soups.

Susanne said...

Interesting that there was seasons there. I hadn't known that. Happy birthday to the little bat girl. I love museums. I think I would fit into your family just fine. ;)

ellen b. said...

You really made the most of your time. I want a spoonful of that soup!

Gracie Saylor said...

Thanks for taking the time to share some of your Favorites, Linda! I enjoyed your sharing :) I am still waiting for my newest Grand to arrive! Life is beautiful in so many, ways, isn't it !
Gracie xx

Ilene said...

The photo of Indian Corn would make a fantastic jigsaw puzzle. I'd buy it in an instant!

Bethany said...

I was wondering what you were up to! Sounds like a lot of fun and those stockings are just so cute!!! We've been making our own memories here too!

snoopydogknits said...

Sounds like a wonderful time was had. Amazing photo of the maize!!!!! Ros

Melissa said...

I always forget that not everyone has real seasons. :) We take it for granted.

Glad you had some precious family time and a good trip!