Friday, December 12, 2014

December Faves, Take Two

I love Christmas, but it is also a stressful time.  This month it is more important than ever to focus on for what I am thankful.  Thanksgiving may be so-last-month, but giving thanks is always a current event.  Susanne's Friday Fave Fives is a great venue for doing that.  As I stare at mud everywhere on my street and in my neighborhood, I have been reminding myself of this quote I read last week (my paraphrase):  Be thankful for the many things that are right, and don't focus on the few things that aren't.)  Yes, my neighborhood is a mess.  But we are safe.  If you google mudslide, Camarillo Springs, California, you can read more about it.

1.  Strong and willing helpers were definitely a fave this week.  We had to move our piano.  Although it is a smaller upright spinnet, The Professor and I can not move it ourselves without help.  We asked around and could find only one young big strong guy to help us (huge shout out to Jason who is awesome!).  Then our dental assistant replied to our comment that we were stressed about moving the piano--as she was cleaning our teeth---her husband is big and strong and willing to help. And they brought another strong and big guy with them.  So we the guys got that thing moved right in up the five steps and into place in its new home.  They also moved all the book boxes (they asked, HOW MANY boxes of books do you have???) and the book shelves in less than a half hour total.  What a blessing it was for us to have found willing and strong helpers.

2.  As of Thursday afternoon I am on Christmas Break!  No more explanation necessary.

3.  Oh, those students of mine--they are hilarious and adorable.  One set of classes wrote poems and made cards.  One girl wrote a cinquain poem:

Ms. (my last name)
You're very nice.
I think that you should know
that I love you. Have a Merry

4.  This hawk has been hanging around.  The little wrens and finches aren't thrilled, but I think he's quite handsome.

5.  Blogger got hacked this week.  Did anyone else have a problem?  My blog spent about a day redirecting to some ad site.  The Professor did some research and found out where that issue was and knew google was working on the problem.  I'm thankful it's fixed and I can just let someone else do the fixing.

Have a happy weekend!  Hug the people you love, and be gracious to the people who are grumpy.


Jill Foley said...

"Thanksgiving is a current event" - so true my friend!

Love this!

Tori Leslie said...

Great list! I didn't know there was a problem with Blogger but I've been really busy, maybe I should check mine.
Thanksgiving should be every day in the Christian's life. Thanks for the reminder.

Faith said...

I love the idea of being thankful all year true to keep the right focus. I'm one of those grumpy ones today. over tired, feeling achy with a sore throat, a sick hubby at home, more shopping, wrapping and I haven't started baking.

Barbara H. said...

Oh wow - sorry about the mudslide! But glad you are safe.

I'm glad you had some good helpers.

Hurray for Christmas break!

What a sweet poem.

I hadn't heard about Blogger being hacked. Glad they've got people on it.

Had to smile at your last line.

Anonymous said...

Glad your home is ok with just a bunch of mud in the neighborhood. What a blessing to get those extra hands to help with the piano! Oh yes...boxes of books. Happy Christmas vacation to you!

Gracie Saylor said...

I hope that the rain causing the mud is helping relieve the CA drought. Our share of the Pineapple Express just downed some substantial branches on/around our house, but all is well. Wishing you and yours blessings, Linda.

Mereknits said...

Lovely things to be thankful for. I took a two day blogging break due to extra work, maybe Blogger misbehaved during that time.
Hgus to you,

nikkipolani said...

Hoping your neighborhood gets cleaned up soon. Good thing you are on break and have at least one less thing to deal with. Yes, definitely a fave that you are all safe. Timely help is so good -- especially for a piano!

Flower said...

It is encouraging to hear how you focus on the good things when things are difficult. The sun is out and the mud will be hauled off. Good friends are plenty! Love to you!

Susanne said...

Love your statement about thanksgiving. So true. I googled the mudslide. I had no idea. I'm so sorry for those who's home were so buried. Heartbreaking pictures.

I had to laugh at the question about how many books you owned. Wonderful that you had some strong hands to help you out.

I had no idea Blogger got hacked but then I haven't had a whole lot of computer time in a couple of weeks. Glad it all got figured out and your blog is back to normal.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Oh my gosh, Willow, I missed this on the news. The Daily Mail in England had the most incredible photos of the devastation. I've never seen so many rocks and boulders. So glad to know your home is okay, despite the mud in the streets. I pray there will be no more landslides with the rain still coming. May God's peace surround you and yours with joy and thanksgiving over the Christmas break and into the New Year.

Monica said...

I am glad to know that you are safe and the flooding isn't taking you away from your home. We know CA needs rain but really? All at one time?! It's hard to find "big" help when you need it. Thankfulness is a state of mind that I am trying to live in every single day! Sorry I'm late getting around, it's been a hard couple of weeks! :)