Thursday, February 12, 2015

I *heart*

Last week was just one of those weeks when there was simply too. much. to. do. Writing lesson plans exhausts my brain, so there was not much bandwidth up there to spare for blog writing.  Fortunately, my work load was much lighter this week--maybe there is a little itty bit of spare brain to use on documenting the blessings of the past two week with my  Friday Fave Fives.

1.  First and most endearing is this story.  At least a month ago, I was wearing my favorite turquoise earrings and LOST ONE of them.  I know it was just an earring.  But I really liked this pair and I had made them myself.  I knew I had been in three stores that day so after arguing with myself about the silliness of it all, I finally went back to each place and asked if anyone had found an earring.  No luck.  I resigned myself to it.  I was still disappointed.  I was sad.  Here's the amazing part:  on Sunday morning, we stopped by our local Starbuck's and grabbed a cup of coffee on the way to church.  One of the barristas, Ashley, called to me and said that she had been looking for me for awhile.  She handed me my earring!  She had found it, remembered I had asked about it, and saved it to give me.  Ashley's dedication to service blessed me so much!  It made my whole week!

2.  We're having a heat wave.  The temperatures have been in the 70s and 80s Fahrenheit which has made pushing myself out the door for a walk so much easier.

3.  Spring is truly here in Southern California.  We had rain last week so the hills are green and the flowers are popping up!  The yellow coreopsis and  the poppies and the lupine are blooming!  I know it's hard to see the small patches of poppies and lupine in these photos but they're there, gracing our parched and stony mountainsides.  I had to zoom in quite a lot to catch the poppy patch.

Closer in, the poinsettias and bird of paradise are easier to photograph.

4.  I am making more progress on knitting through my yarn stash.  Last week I posted an update on the hats I made in January.  Since then I've added another eight hats to the pile.

5.  Those magical words---"I'm heading down for a visit.  Can you pick me up at the train station?"  Son #2 is coming!  Can't wait!

Bonus:  It's my daughter in law's birthday!  She was born on Valentine's Day, and we *heart* her and the joy and love she has brought to our son.


Tori Leslie said...

So glad you found your earring. It probably means even more to you now.
I'm terribly jealous of your warm weather and flowers. I'm pining for Spring and we're still white with snow.
So happy your son is coming home, I can only imagine who wonderful that'll be.
Finally, Happy birthday to your daughter in law!!

Gattina said...

I loose earrings often, but never find them again, you really were lucky ! Now I only wear cheap earrings so I have no regret ! I wished I had some of your heat here, it's rather cold !

Tracy said...

What a great "save"--your earring! :o) Goodness, a heat wave already in February. Shall I send you some snow? ;o) Wonderful to see the Bird of Paradise plants. Such "exotics" are only seen in greenhouses here. Thank you, again, for your knit-charity knitting and link info--gave me lots of ideas for Lent charity crafting. :o) Happy Day to your DIL... And Happy LOVE-Day to you all there ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

I am also very envious of your wonderfully warm weather. Today it is 12 degrees F in my part of Virginia. They are predicting below zero temperatures for the next few days. I'm daydreaming of the day when I can sit in my back yard and read a book while sipping a cold drink!

Mereknits said...

Lots of love all around. Happy Valentine's Day.

Monica said...

SO glad your lost earring was found, they are beautiful!
Thank you for sharing the brightness of SC... I cannot wait for it to arrive in Missouri!!!!
KNitting through your stash, what a lovely idea! I think I need to do that too. I have so much I can use up! I added to it this week though I bought a bag that was on clearance! Oh the joy! :)
Hope you enjoy your visit with your Son and DIL!

Barbara H. said...

Wow - neat story about the earring, and how kind of the barrista to keep it for you!

We're having our coldest temperatures yet in eastern TN, but it has been a fairly mild winter so far, so I can't complain - not that I should anyway. :-) So lovely to see flowers growing this time of year in other people's places.

Neat that your son is coming to visit! And happy birthday to your Valentine d-i-l!

Kari said...

i love that color on your earring and what a great thing to happen. - I'm sure they'll have an added meaning to you now.
Please send some warmth this way...I'm tired of wearing layer and am so ready for some heat.
Enjoy your time with your son.

Faith said...

oh Spring has sprung for you folks but we are hearing about yet another blizzard for the Boston area and frigid and way be.ow normal temps for mid February for those of us in eastern NY. ugh. but I will live vicariously through your photos! 😄happy Valentine's Day and happy birthday to your Dil. enjoy!!!

Jerralea said...

I'm thinking you were blessed to get your earring back!

Thank you for sharing the spring pictures. Puts hope in my heart!

I love an unexpected visit from my kids. How neat that you got one!

ellen b said...

Glad you got some extra bandwidth this week! I love how coming Spring is showing off already on the hills around you. That's a fun story about your earring. Happy birthday to your daughter in love...

Anonymous said...

So happy you are having such lovely spring weather. We are just happy to see sunshine around here. There is some today in spite od the cold, cold temps. Your knitting post was just great. Enjoy your visit with M. Mary

Susan said...

Willow - I am a novice knitter. Do you think I'd be able to knit some NICU hats? I looked at your knitting update post and, oh my, such a beautiful variety. Those socks are (as my nieces say), "totes adorbs."

How wonderful that one of your sons is coming for a visit. That truly is blessed news.

One of my nieces was born on Valentine's Day too. For 19 years this day has had extra significance because of that.

snoopydogknits said...

Your beautifully warm and sunny photos are a real blessing! Here in the UK it has been a cold and dull weekend. We see small signs of Spring hiding around the corner, as the bulbs are shooting and snowdrops are in full bloom . It is still grey and cold though! Good news about your earring! Ros

Susanne said...

Such lovely weather you are having! It's been warmer than usual here but we still got a dusting of snow last night and we are far from spring yet. How exciting your son is coming home for a visit. Music to a mom's ears those words are!! What a sweet thing for that little barista to do! Aren't you glad you took the time and effort to go back to those stores and inquire if anyone had seen them? Very cute earrings btw.

nikkipolani said...

Lovely fives, Willow. That California sunshine is hard to beat, isn't it? Friends from Edmonton, Canada have been loving the high 80sF we've been having.

So glad your Starbucks friends have pulled through again.

Karen said...

You live in such a beautiful area to have all of those lovely flowers in bloom in the wild. How nice to have that view on your walks.

I'm happy for you to have found your earring! I lost one of my favorites a couple weeks ago, but no luck finding it:( I really need to let go of it.

Gracie Saylor said...

Somehow I missed you all of February, Linda, :( but just scrolled back to catch up, and am celebrating the finding of your earring, your Spring blooms and your family visit!