Monday, May 11, 2015

What's In My Garden This Week

Mid May is making its mark in Willow's Garden.

The Sun Gold cherry tomatoes are turning -- gold.

The herbs are healthy.
Sweet basil is just waiting to be thrown into a pasta dish this week.

Slowly making its comeback from near death over winter, the chocolate mint is pushing out a few green  and aromatic leaves.

In the lavender patch, a honey bee is busy collecting pollen.

Since this is Southern California, the ubiquitous California poppies are blooming their hearts out after a mist of rain last weekend.

This bougainvillea lives in a large pot by the front steps.  Even after ten years, it still produces beautifully.

A new addition to the back bank this spring, this California native plant, chocolate daisy, is bravely establishing itself in the clay soil.

The prayer of a gardener
Thirteenth Century Cisterian monk Guerric D'Igny

Lord Jesus:
You are the true gardener;
You are its creator and cultivator,
And the guardian of your garden.

You plant the seeds by your words,
You water them by your Spirit
And you make them grow by your power.

Lord, who is allowed into your garden,
Becomes himself a well-watered garden
That keeps growing and blossoms,
And its fruits are multiplied.


Monica said...

Beautiful garden Willow! Thanks for sharing your color. It is cloudy and been raining here for a few days. Hope to have some color here soon.

ellen b said...

Lovely blooms and fabulous prayer!

Julene said...

It looks like blooms are coming along quickly and they are so pretty! I never get tired fresh new spring flowers! You've reminded me to get the Sun Gold tomato! I better get it soon!

Mereknits said...

Everything looks so beautiful, the color of those poppies is just so gorgeous.

Faith said...

love all your photos! yummy....fresh basil! i grew it in pots on the deck one summer and it was awesome. this year we are traveling too much come the end of June so an herb garden isnt going to happen. we also need rain!!! some parts of NY have received it but we only got a little bit..just a sprinkle.