Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Purple Season

It's purple time in Willow's Garden.  Usually, February is pink season when all the camellia bushes bloom in every shade of pink.  March tends to be yellow because that's when the correopsis blooms on all the hillsides in Southern California.

But April is purple time.  Sage and lavender begin to blossom and the osteospermum opens up its purple flowers.

What color is it in your garden?


ellen b said...

Lovely purples! I've got white blossom snow on my grass, light purple lilacs, pink and purple azaleas and pink dogwood. I'm glad you got a little rain.

Gracie Saylor said...

It has been pouring here today on my shades of pink flowers, Willow. I got a little flat of rainbow chard plants and planted them among the flowers in our sunniest little front flower garden near where I plan to plant a Sun Gold cherry tomato plant like I did last year. Thanks for sharing your purple flower photo bouquet! xx

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Purple is definitely a harbinger of spring...lovely photos :)

Tracy said...

Oooo--so lovely! I like the color purple--for anything! I'd try purple hair--if I wasn't so shy... and 43 ;) The world here is slow to spring-awakening, but oddly the weeds are starting out strong... LOL! In our flower beds we have purples & blues mostly, with touches of white, silver-sage green and other greens. Thanks so much for stopping by my place, Willow! I've been slow to visit. The plate of life full, and some curve balls lately have made shuffling between it all a challenge! Happy Spring Days to you & yours! ((HUGS))